GOT WILD!!! | Rap Fan Listens To MÖTLEY CRÜE — Wild Side (REACTION!)



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  1. If you would like to do a really cool song go with the band STRYPER with these songs…
    1) Do Unto Others
    2) Always There For ayiu
    3) To Hell with the Devil
    Stryper is a Christian band who has been around since 1983. Other Christian bands to check out would-be Petra , Boodgood , Bride , Barren Cross and also check out Christian rock groups like DC talk and also Stephen Wiley and other Christian groups such as michael-w-smith , Amy Grant , Rez band and I can give you a whole list of others because you seem like you're an eclectic connoisseur of music.range out a little bit with your reactions to also including Christian music there is a lot of great music out there. God bless!!!

  2. Oh freaking Motley Crue!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I sure do love me some Motley Crue! They were and still are a kick ass band. What you saw was drummer Tommy Lee (❤️❤️❤️❤️) playing drums going on a revolving cycle. He was/is so great, he can play the F out of drums upside down. I absolutely love seeing the younger generation, like yourself, hearing this music for the 1st time. The Crue was, and still are, 1 of the most famous Glam Rock bands ever!!! I love them as much today, as I did back in the day.. I don’t know if you noticed the amount of people in the audience. They were f’n incredible in concert, as well as Guns n Roses, AC/DC, etc. There will never be this type of excitement in ANY genre, the way the quintessential bands did it back in the day. Damn. I wish it was the 80’s again. Best times. best groups, best music EVER, period!!!!!

  3. Good song,found dad with his best friends wife,cop dies at midnight!!!!! Listen too your all I need by crue!!!!! It was band from mtv!!!!!!! Song is about life on the streets. Listen too rush 2112 name of album.

  4. As an older white boy, long haired back in the day like them, played the drums like Tommy Lee here, thanks for that respect over my old genre. Believe me, I share and show that same respect towards your genre. Talent at it's very best with many of you all. Liked and subscribed. Hope it helps your success. Honored to be on your channel sir. This is just great, great, great!

  5. I've attended a shitload of crue concerts. Apart from this being a music video, this happened. Tommy Lee (drummer) loves to play inverted. Maybe not love but great for theatrics! Concerts are the best! Mick, Vince, Nikki, Tommy will give you the BEST night of your life! If you learn tbe the words to their songs the concert is even better. Fuck Covid! We are missing so much. Be safe, protect yourself. Wear a mask around peeps.

  6. I've heard this song a thousand times or so, and still don't know most of the lyrics. Lyrics are always secondary in any song. Your jamming to it because it's a good song irregardless of lyrics

  7. I have seen a lot of kick ass bands in my days. My very first concert was Jackyl opening up for Aerosmith in '93 at Montage Mountain. I've seen more bands than you have had birthdays. LOL. Now if you want to experience some real kick ass music going back 80's try a little Testament. One of my top 3 favs is, Practice What You Preach.

  8. That video is from the Girls, Girls, Girls tour with Guns N' Roses opening up for Motley in 1987. Let's just say that that was the best concerts (two nights) that I've ever seen and I've been to about 70 concerts.

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