Slingshot Hunting | Bushcraft Cooking Ep 2

Today we practiced some of our bushcraft skills with fire lighting, wild cooking and hunting Rabbit with the slingshot. The slingshot is a fantastic tool for wilderness survival
The slingshot i used is my Romany custom Raptor. My setup is 0.72mm thick green gzk flatbands tapered at 23mm to 17mm, shooting 9.5mm steel extremely fast. Speed is needed when shooting such light ammo but as you can see it’s very capable hunting ammo for the catapult.
My kit today consists of my bushcraft knife which is a broc kepheart with burlap micarta scales, my openil saw, my wetterlings hunters hatchet, spare slingshot, wasp spinner, my swiss army knife and plenty of ammo.
Here’s a link to my playlists where you can find slingshot shooting, catapult hunting, slingshot reviews and how to videos including how to aim a slingshot

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  1. Hi gentlemen. Thankyou for posting your footage. Your accuracy is out of this world and much agree with your opinions on targets and ethics. To aim and successfully hit a specific part of your quarry, for example the head, just shows how skilled and accurate you all are, who achieve this. Many of you will more be accurate with a slingshot, than some are with an air rifle. Amazing! Well done.

  2. سعی کنید همیشه دورِ آتش faier🔥 را با سنگ ببندید… تا از پراکنده شدن آتش و سوختن جنگل خودداری کنید… 🐇🍢🥩🍖🔥🔥🔥

  3. Nice video! And great that your taking small game with slingshots(catapults for my non American friends).I haven’t taken any game with one but I am planning to try my hand at making some with birch plywood that I have seen online and hope to do some hunting if everything works out. My sons who are 12 and 16 want me to take them out for a 48hour camping trip where we will only eat what we can kill with 22 rifles and I’d like to try to get some squirrels or a rabbit with a slingshot. Keep it up and nice work!

  4. Impressive!How such a small tool such as the Raptor can can take rabbits and small game.A needed survival tool!Great to take fresh game and cook it up!Can't get any fresher than that!Excellent shooting fellas.Enjoyed the video.

  5. I understand you very well and I support you in this, most hunters and also poachers kill and hunt wildly, only for sale for a lot of money.
    But if it is only for your own use?
    Class, it is fresh meat of good quality, and much better than the chickens that after 18 months of confinement without sun and without vital vitamins, are only sold in the stores through poor nutrition and antibiotics that never had a happy and free life.

  6. Okay nice vid but… You carry some stuff with you, why the hell would you won't carry some seasoning. Like salt, pepper and maybe some paprica or some rub? How can you eat the meat like that? Second, you said neck shot, why is the steel ball under it's armpits? Need to watch the video a few times to understand what the hell you talking about. Where does that accent come from? Zimbabwe? Australia? Ireland? English is not my first language, have a very hard time to understand what ur talking. But i like that shit, keep going mate

  7. Thanks for sharing guys good video and good shooting you guys sure know how to use those sling shots. Carry a small bottle of olive oil and salt the rabbits will taste better. I also eat the head the brain is delicious try it. 👍.

  8. Thanks for sharing guys good video and good shooting you guys sure know how to use those sling shots. Carry a small bottle of olive oil and salt the rabbits will taste better. I also eat the head the brain is delicious try it. 👍

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