How to Make & Cook on ALL NATURAL ROCKET STOVE — Bushcraft Fire Cooking

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How to Make and Cook on an All Natural Rocket Stove Bushcraft Fire Cooking. Making a Rocket Stove out of a single log typically requires a drill but not many of us carry a drill into the bush in this video We show how to make an all natural version with no drill required. We make out out of a cedar log and also a black ash hardwood log. We melt snow and make hot chocolate and also cook meat kabobs on a skewer inside the log. The kabob Idea I first saw on the channel Os Bushcraft and Survival

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Ted Baird


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  1. It's really great, too bad the video is in English and it's normal, but with the images very well explained and detailed we understand very very well. I use Google translation hoping it translates well Thanks for all these tips, it's great to watch your videos. I totally adhere.

  2. Wow, Ted, that was a great video. I especially liked when you picked that up and showed the inside. The bright red and the swirling colors of the flame inside of it. That was great photography of the film. I thought to myself, I should paint that. That would be a cool painting. And the other is the natural hanger for the meat stick. That was awesome. How long do these types of log fires last?

  3. Ted and Heather….that was totally awesome! We’ll have to give a rocket stove a try. We so enjoy your YouTubes….and Bella is so sweet and entertaining….one lucky dog!

  4. Bushcraft cooking at it's coolest. Very nice, Ted and Heather — you hit it out of the park again, as usual. Good filming and editing, informative, fun, educational and entertaining from beginning to end. Grinning ear to ear every time Bella carries wood — she's gotta be the best portage clearing, firewood carrying dog anywhere! 🐶🌲 🥩🥇♥

  5. Awesome video , love those natural rocket stoves . so cool. IC Ms. Bella approved of the meat cooked with the rocket stove , I shall have to try this where I crown camp i love it Thanks Heather & Ted and Bella for bring us along

  6. I am so glad to see the 3 of you. Seems a long time. Love all I'm learning from you. But being 80 that's like wasted information. Dont think I can ever get to the woods to try it. Pets and hugs to you all. Bella I lost my fur baby 2 weeks ago. But will love her always. Brain tumor.

  7. We call them chimneys here in Northern Maine. We usually just find a big one and burn it for a campfire lasts quite a while with a few beers of course! Doesn't take much of a hole either just so long as it can draw air.

  8. Do you use any specific work gloves when doing bushcraft in the winter? All of mine turn rock hard as soon as they get cold making them really difficult to work with. Ted's gloves just look like any old work glove but they don't seem to solidify?

  9. That is super cool Ted and Heather. I've never seen that before. I was wondering how you can tell a tree might be hollow but I think you answered that — you would come across it when processing wood for your fire or that is sounds hollow when you tap on it. Is that correct? Love these videos that educated and have great camera work. You are awesome, thanks so much.

  10. When you were showing the inside of the log burning I thought what if you could somehow use that as an oven and cook something inside of it and then you… you never disappoint ted, ever

  11. Omy so nice to see both of you been long time…Like always you always come up with new stuff..Bella so cute helping around carry wood hihihi Good girl bella .Have a wonderful camping 🏕 youvtwo 🌲🌲🌲🌝 and the full moon 🌕🌲🌲

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