Bushcraft In The Snow — Joy of First Snow — Bungalow Tent — Campfire Cooking

Bushcraft In The Snow — The Joy of First Snow — remember this trip? I remembered it recently and thought of dedicating that first day of snow a video of its own. This video represents day 3 of one of my trips — the last days of November 2020 — it was the first day of snow we had here in my country this year and a wonderful surprise because I got to witness the first snow in the woods, where I most love to be. If you have not seen the long version of this video you can watch it here:

What made me remember this trip? When we all thought spring is here to stay, winter surprised us and we had what is called here «lambs’ snow». There will be two new videos with snow coming soon on my channel. I am now editing the first one and it will probably be ready by the end of this week. Until then, I invite you to relive the joy of first snow with me.
Ever heard of «lambs’ snow»? This is a Romanian expression used here by our ancestors. We have many children’s stories about the coming of spring — most of them present the fight between the two seasons, as winter does not want to leave our country. Spring is sometimes taken prisoner and winter tries to take over the land and cover everything with snow. This helps Romanian children understand why we often have snow here in March — considered to be the first month of spring in Romania. The first days of March were called by our ancestors — The Old Women (Babele), then we have The Old Men days (Mosii) and after that, we usually have lambs’ snow which comes towards the end of March or even the beginning of April. Lambs’ snow is called this way because it is the period when lambs are born. Lambs are a symbol of spring, renewal, of Easter. Lambs’ snow is the last snow we have here before spring settles in. It is considered very precious snow, like gold to the earth, helping it offer us rich crops. In some other parts of the country, they say last snow comes with snowflakes that are big and soft, like little lambs, that when touching the earth bring it back to life — plants will soon burst out of the ground, everything will bloom and pulse with life. The joy of being out in the snow — lambs’ snow was as great as the joy of first snow. The first snow was filled with childhood memories and the expectancy of Christmas. Lambs’ snow felt almost warm inside, cause it announces spring, life, and Easter. Every day and season was celebrated and embraced by our ancestors, which had so many traditions dedicated to them. We should also celebrate life and its gifts, as much as we can. We give power to the things we focus on. If we focus on life and beauty, our souls will feel new and refreshed. If we choose to focus on what the news/society has to offer, our souls will get ill and wither. So let’s choose to bloom along with spring trees. We have a wonderful song and poem here that we love to sing when spring comes. You can read the translation below and listen to it here:

Black locust trees
by Arhip Cibotariu
Black locust trees have gone crazy
Because of all this spring
They walk naked in the skies
With their whole soul exposed

They took it out in the morning
White and full of dew
With strong skies’ fragrances
Plucked out of a new mystery

The locust trees have gone crazy
And along with their illness
Something seems to have happened
With the whole world.

Raving mad birds
Take out their own souls

Wandering because of many longings
Traveling between the stars

The green woods is drunk
It’s not so calm anymore
It holds the long moon
Like a heart beating in its palm.

Can’t you see my soul rising out of my body
In chaotic words
The locust trees have gone crazy
And you want me to be a good boy?
And you want me to be a good boy ?

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  1. Snow time brings frosty noses and ears. The lucky flakes land on your tongue and melt in your mouth. The forest shimmered in the sunlight that enveloped the white crystal coated inhabitants standing and laying on the floor. All sharply defined and beautifully displayed. If it were not for the fire, the world may have forever been in the grip of the winter clutches. Stuck solid like silver bromide in photograpic emusion.
    Did the snow bring you to woods or did you bring the snow to the woods? Or was it a pre ordained encounter :)) Good fortune for all:))
    Blessings Johanna. 💚

  2. Sorry. One last comment. She's obvioulsy extremely intelligent. Hell, she whips up a meal in the woods that's better than I get here in American in a darn resturant. She stays immaculately clean no matter what. Always, always dressed "to the Nines". Never get to see that pretty face too much but if you notice those beautiful hands, shes either a young lady or a lady who takes care of herself. She's any mans equal. Not sure how tall she is but she looks tiny. Lots of power in a small package. Bottom line…..If I were 10 years younger!!!!!! Yeah…. youve heard it all before I know. Off those darn meds again! Here in America once you reach 30 you're toast.

  3. I can only think of what a co-worker from Michigan told me about the first snow up there. He said, the two best snows are the first and the last. We once had 8" here on the Middle Texas Coast. That is the most unpleasant landscape I could imagine where you are.

  4. The quality and clarity of her video is always top notch. Even on my dead beat MacBook Pro from the Nixon Administration. Hell, Im Steve McQueen and Ive been dead for over 50 years. Guess having a MacBook Pro is kinda more than one might expect. Im here in Heaven. Johanna is an Angel. Trust me!! Love the Channel!

  5. Johanna how how do you get the time to make the vids you make. To have the adventures you have. Wow. You continually entertain. And the fact that you love doing it is a win for you and us the viewers.

  6. Hi Johanna,

    Thanks for revisiting the sweet time you shared, this reminds me of how sweet 'camping in the snow' can be. Beautifully cinematic shots and adorable sounds. 🤗

    It is unfortunate I seem to have missed those 'snow camping opportunities' for this season and I am already looking forward to the next winter!😁

  7. Wow it's so beautiful and peaceful there I had to watch it again. I love the snow we hardly ever get much snow anymore and it melts as fast as it come's. Stay safe stay well take care and thanks for sharing another wonderful video with us..

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