The BEST Bushcraft Knife — REVIEW

A close up of the BRECHFA~HVB Bushcraft Knife with the story behind how it came to be and why.

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  1. knifes, big one for chopping, cutting, hopefully with a serated edge.. curently got a dive knife.. little one for prep work, like skinning, vegtables. cureently a kitchen knife. Ill use what ever i have.. and accept its limitations..

  2. Recently found your channel — well done as far as I can tell. I own way to many knives but the two that rise to the surface right now are the Mora Garberg Carbon and a PKS Scorpion HD. Although I really enjoy the custom knife, I come back to the Mora a great deal. The HD is a big blade and has it’s place and purpose but the Mora is just a very convenient size. How would you compare or contrast your knife to the Mora?

  3. I really like that finger choil'ish flat that's incorporated into the finger guard, it allows you that safety when needed but also the fine control when choking up. And the extended tang seems like a great idea which i have never seen on a bushcraft style knife.

  4. I have a few Mora's like most folk.
    I bought a Falkniven F1 with a Kydex sheath so i could glue (epoxy) a sharpening slip to its flat edge. ( one of those gold coloured 1mm thick DC4 thingies )
    I reckoned if its a swedish airforce issue item then it has to be decent.
    Its been brill but doesnthave the beauty of a handmade tool such as yours.
    I also have a couple of US brands such as CRKT which while great quality just seem too "Butch".

  5. MINT! Looks proper good pal, well done. I'm mega impressed with the locally sourced materials and the sheath looks a work of art. Just off this vid and the ex veteran connection it has made my knives to buy list, which is now only at two!! (ps to buy list is always subject scrutiny of the other half).👏👏👌

  6. Yes, durable but not a pry bar so it slices well which is what a knife is for. Most of my fixed blades are Puuko shaped (not that they're all shaped the same) so I like that this is in that ballpark. I'm not a steel type enthusiast and only have one knife in one of the modern stainlesses (N690c?) and it has impressed me, this sounds a not dissimilar deal steel wise. I very much like the British veteran maker and Welsh oak scales thing, it makes it personable. The only way it could be more personable is if the lady in the lake handed it to you!

  7. That is a beautiful looking knife. There’s something about the feel of a perfectly fitting knife in the hand. I have an amazing knife, made to order, from York Knife. It has a fairly similar shape blade but with walnut scales and brass pins. We have some great knife makers in this country.

  8. Nick that does look like a very strong versatile tool for the field but, with respect, the price of £475 is right up there with an Alan Wood made Ray Mears Woodlore knife and similar, for the average person looking for a quality knife this is just way too much money. I make knives, as an amateur hobbyist and therefore I know a few top shelf knife makers that sell hundred's around the world, and you can buy their's for around £250-£300. I personally use a Jacklore, it's a Woodlore clone built by professional knife maker Sandy Jack from Swindon, Scott from Radstock is another well known maker of quality knives, if you were to drop your profit margin a bit and price your knives for most pockets you will sell more hence make more money if that's where your head is at, money. I'm not being confrontational or having a dig, I am being up front and honest, I am known for saying it how it is. With respect to you and the knife maker. Paul.

  9. Looks like a fantastic knife Nick. One to aspire to!
    I was fortunate enough to be given a wonderful Jacklore knife by my best mate (ex-RM) which is always on my belt when I’m in the woods. It’s meant I can pass on my Morakniv to my son to get him on the “bushcraft knife ladder”! Both are excellent for daily needs in the woods and gralloching deer when I manage to thin some out for the freezer.

  10. What a journey! Worth every late night and challenge, every adjustment, every change, every burn, cut and scrape to bring such a fearsome tool in to the world. I love seeing them in the wild and in the hands of a true master of the outdoors 👌🏻🔪🔥

  11. I look forward to your videos each week now! I'm lucky enough to have one of Mic's BK knives, it's beautifully made and a real workhorse. Surprised you didn't mention the scandi grind and your reason for choosing it. I guess for its suitability for working wood? Keep those videos coming!

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