New Bushcraft Campsite Permission!

I’ve got permission in a new woodland to do some Bushcraft and shooting. In this vid I show you my PCP Air Rifle and take you around the new deciduous woodland. I also chat to my buddy George who owns the land and we talk all things shooting and air rifles!

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  1. awesome video as always. been subbed for a long time. i was wondering if you could help out an ex-squaddie. i live in cardiff and am having trouble getting permissions. would you possibly be interested in having a guest when you go shooting?

  2. Controlling vermin? your so good…saving us from that dreaded vermin. Guys like you don't get enough credit. I mean if there wasn't enough trigger happy little boys with their little toys shooting defenceless little critters we'd all be in a terrible deepest gratuide and huge thank you..keep up the amazing work..

  3. when you do some shooting videos, you should learn more of the nomenclature. Too many anti gun groups use the terms incorrectly as you did in this video. I am sure you did not mean to do so, its just what people learn from the media and anti gun groups.

  4. Liability insurance? Airgun? Even on this manly, self-reliant type of video series, I see a man forced to cow to a nanny state in order to use an over-regulated child's toy instead of an actual tool. And EVEN then you've got people complaining about you wielding a "GUNNNNNN"! Its a keen reminder to us yanks to KEEP our effective means of hunting in our hands, otherwise we'll be eating nothing but rats and squirrels…

  5. Just subscribed, so only just going throug the vids, great to see that you got George to explain vermin control from a farming perspective, most "townies" do not get why vermin control is required. We need to explain these things a lot more so that folks understand what farmers and land owners have to put up with. Great to see you have a new permisson as well, hard to come by

  6. Well done. Lots of great material. Nice gun. Subscribed. As a competitive shooter I can pass on a few tips to improve accuracy. I use acronym BRASS, before pulling trigger. Breath: couple deep breath to oxygenate eyes, then exhale half breath, hold breath and squeeze trigger. Only hold for a few seconds, if longer take few breaths again
    Relax: comfortable, relaxed position.
    Aim: get on target, sight small shoot small. squeeze first stage, zero in ready to release second stage
    Squeeze: very important, trigger pull will have huge impact on accuracy. Instead of just squeezing trigger, squeeze whole trigger finger hand around rifle which gently squeezes trigger while increasing control of Rifle as your trigger hands more firmly grips Rifle
    Send: just as important on effect of accuracy, after trigger is pulled keep trigger depressed for full second. Called the follow through. Pulling trigger has effect and releasing trigger the instant shot is fired will also effect shot. So take the release of trigger effect out of shot equation by as I said hold trigger for full second after shot is fired. Cheers and Happy hunting

  7. Not sure how it is there in, U K ,but here in the States, one of the most disliked pests for sheep and goat farmers during birthing time are the crows, magpies, as well as the normal predators. A lot of farmers/ranchers, are more than willing to let the air gunners on their land, they help out so much . It does become a bit of a pest when the live stock start following you around, but it is what it is.

  8. The idea of taking an, air rifle, camping here in the States 10,16 years ago would not have been done. If you were to take more than a pistol, it would be some thing like a , rim fire .22; that was then. Now days, I am seeing guys with the, .177's, and, .22, air rifles, dong every thing from plonk shooting, to small game hunting. I watched a guy shoot for close to three hours at the same spot for squirrel, and never scared them away. The guns are so much better made these days and if you have a foot pump, air is free. As far as the pellets, it's your choosing .

  9. Can you hit a coin from 25 yards? I can i have stoeger x10 its pretty noisy but powerful its the old kind but it still works pretty good it hella unaccurate if trying to shoot long distances.

  10. New permission…….lucky so and so, I can't even get 1.
    I lost a superb permission about 15 years ago complete with woods and plenty of rabbits and pigeons to shoot, but the farmer sold up and since then I haven't had one. Not for the want of trying I can tell you. I'm nearly 50 years old and time is starting to run out, but I'm still trying. I've never lost the bushcraft/hunting bug, but it's so frustrating getting refused all the time.

  11. I think its a good idea to have shooting skills. And I think you are going about it in the right way by helping your friend out and there should be more of that in today's society. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Also would love to see some falconry ! My daughter is training to be one. So much to getting outside. This is a great channel! to be honest I watch this more now than ta fishing! Regards Mick

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