Bushcraft Equipment Core Kit 2016 — Gone Bush

This video covers the core equipment that I always take on a hiking or camping trip. I pack all the items into 3 «carry packs»:

Pack 1: Personal Survival Kit (PSK)
Pack 2: Knife Kit
Pack 3: Water & Food Kit

(The PLB is small enough to not class as a carry pack).

Thanks for watching!

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Gone Bush


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  1. I hope you actually used that ESEE 6…  You say in the video that you "works really well, have used it quite awhile now".  Yet is shows ZERO signs of use. Would love to see a link to your review video after use.

  2. I don't understand how someone can lose a backpack…its literally strapped and buckled to your torso haha unless my arms fall off I think id rather not carry all that and 40 oz of water on my belt…my pants would be at my ankles

  3. Thanks for posting your gear and explaining it very clearly — I do the same thing by carrying my survival essentials attached to me incase I lose my pack or worse. As a suggestion, I follow the rule of 3 for emergencies — if you are injured and bleeding you have 3 minutes to get it stopped, if you are cold and need shelter you have 3 hours (depending on climate), survive 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. Your first aid kit should have quikclot and something to compress a wound, get rid of all the backup knives — just have a leatherman or Swiss army knife as your backup, include a shelter item like a small tarp or bothy, include some food as eating helps to heat the body and think better, buy a full size compass, ditch the second cup and gas stove, buy some hexamine tablets — can be used with your stove or to start a fire, remove the chain saw — they don't work, get a silky saw instead. Thanks again for posting and best wishes from Canada 🙂 Michael & Esme

  4. Look into getting some snake proof gaiters, $70 or so can save alot of money on your rescue. I know the Sea to Summit quagmires while not advertised as such are more or less snake proof. I own a pair of Snake Guardz which a purposefully designed and tested to be snake proof.

  5. Good video, explained your thought process. HYOH, I would not carry as much as you do or take as much redundancy as you do. You have at least 3 knives in your 3 bags you carry on your person at all times. The stove you can keep in your backpack, no need to carry on your person since you don't have gas to use it with. I wouldn't use a steripen and if I did I'd carry it in my backpack not a PSK or similar bag/kit. I liked your PLB, agree with carrying it on you at all times. I liked your fishing kit, which was nice and small (and light). I like the diamond sharpening stone. Thanks for sharing.

  6. On me, is Belt knife with Fero Rod, Small First start Tin in a Waist pouch, and I have a fold out Pouch for Collecting Materials also.  Now in my Ruck I do have Gloves as well but there in the First aid Bag to keep them Clean, also Suture Needles and Thread in case need Stitches in First aid kit and Couple Packs of Wound Sealer, you should get the Alcohol Stove and put in the bottom of the Bottle bag as well, Love mine it works great with the stove, my Bottle is in side Rucksack side pockets, little larger than the Pathfinder bag.

  7. Cheers for the Video! Apologies for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried — Lammywalness Your Dream Guide (just google it)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for discovering how to get a a FREE Edt multitool survival tool minus the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my old buddy Taylor after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

  8. Say Heah M8, I have a similar knife with a survival pouch on it. Infact I permanently attached my Mora Kansbol to the Sheath of my Parang Bushcraft Jungle Survival Knife. The survival pouch has a large tin with a lock down lid that's waterproof. You can also cook in the tin if you take off the rubber ring off. I replaced the inside with better survival gear. But I love that sort of combo. I also got a black version that's similar with suttle differences. It has tge same survival pouch but I teamed my Fox Jungle Parang with my 3V Master Hunter.,,.p

  9. Just reread my comments and probably should said your kit might be a bit much for me on a day trip , but would be the type of kit I would  carry on an overnighter. I assumed ( Which we shouldn't ) that you were talking day trips ?. Cheers

  10. Living in the hotter part of Australia, my main carry is 4 to 5 litres of water for a days hike in the bush. to keep the weight down I carry a mora , swiss army knife and bandages for snake bites and hexatabs to boil my tin cup for a cuppa. I might say your kit is a bit over kill, but if you are comfortable with it, that's all that matters. Enjoyed your vid.

  11. In my opinion your spot on having multiple items, kept separate from the main pack, keeping the extra main essentials on your person has been a practice I've done for many years now, using those items in practice runs have always made me think I have been covered if by chance i had to depend on the items and nothing else. It's one thing to think we have the bases covered and then come to find out they weren't. So to me practice makes perfect. For example when we get used to using our favorite knife and then when it gets lost or misplaced using another one seems a little cumbersome at that could lead us to having a slip and injuries occur. So basically I'm saying, use all of our tools when we don't have to so when in need to we are familiar with those tools.
    Thanks for showing

  12. Hi.  I'd ditch one of those folders;  you'll still have that beautiful ESEE-6 and one folding knife.  Also I don't trust those steri-pens.  How can you know for sure your water has been sterilized if you don't bring it to a boil or add a purification tablet?  Anyway, thanks for showing us your kit.  I always enjoys looking at other peoples stuff . . . it always gives me ideas for my bag.

  13. Great Kit, I use a Maxpedition Thermite as my E-Kit with a SS Canteen attached, a Spyderco Delica-4 and an ESEE Izula along with extra cordage, an Esbit pocket stove, Spyderco Double Stuff sharpening stone. a flashlight, an emergency blanket/tarp, a compass, a signal mirror, a CRKT Spork, two packs of oatmeal, honey filled straws, the ESEE 1095 Fire Steel and a piece of flint, some bandages, fatwood, ferro-rod, as well as other tinder, duct tape, snare wire, a small fishing kit, a Sawyer water filter, a couple of bandannas, and a couple of nice pamphlets on Medicinal Plants and Dangerious Plants. Most of the kit is packed into the ESEE Survival Tin that can be used to cook with if I get some small game or fish. Thanks for the video.

  14. Good set-up. Like the PLB / EPIRB.

    Suggestions based on 10 C's:
    — add mini shelter
    — add tape and dental floss
    — add schemagh and bandanna
    — swap torch for head torch
    — swap 2nd knife for multi-tool
    — add back-up compass
    — add pad n pencil
    — add to first-aid (research Paul Kirtley's and Mors Kochanski's)

  15. my water pouch set up: bcb pouch, hexamine stove with a fuel tablets n some matches in it, bcb crusaders mug, dutch army water canteen, plastic tube, spork, small sponge to wash the mug, bandana with a small rubber band, in the inner small pocket perfectly fits 2oz tobacco tin with tea, salt, sugar, coffee, buljon cubes and some miso soup sachet, also there i keep puri tabs, and some tin foil. i m thinking of attaching a small pouch to the main one with my water filter. i like this set up so far, it may change later on.

  16. Thanks for the great vid mate you've helped me quite a bit, only thing is I'd replace those gloves with a sterile glove packet.

    I see you've got a miniature compass on your whistle. Do you think these are reliable/accurate? Thanks 🙂

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