9 Mysterious Details in the Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer + What They Could Mean!

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild just got a brand new trailer in Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct! From time travel to upgraded ground enemies, let’s explore 9 mysterious details we spotted and what they could possibly mean!
Video by: Chris
Thumbnail by: Tom
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  1. It seems pretty interesting to me that both Link and Ganondorf seem to be wearing very similarly designed outfits, i.e. both have the one sleeve tunic, with other arm exposed. Also quite interesting that they both have their hair down. I don't believe they're the same person mind you, but it could imply a general 'ancient tribe gear', or a 'zonai gear' (people seem to think they're quite important) that people wore 10,000 years ago for example.

    I do find the time travel theory interesting but we'll just have to wait and see!

  2. I feel like people are reading too far into the outfit thing, time travel is a possibility, but I feel like the outfits are just an artistic choice to have a bit more contrast between the shots in the sky and on the ground.

  3. Zelda falls into a pit at the beginning of the game? (Not sure about that. But if it's so,) it sounds like Zelda will be paying Termina a visit. 😏

    (That probably won't happen, but I thought it was worth mentioning.)

  4. If you look closely on the presumably body of Ganondorf, you can see he has two holes from being stabbed. This could tie with how he was stabbed twice in Twilight Princess by the Sages and Link

  5. While I do think time travel is a plausible theory, I feel like everyone is super reading too much into the hairstyle. His hair isn't much if any longer, it's just not tied back and the wind in the sky shots is strong enough to draw attention to it. In botw, some of the headgear changed Link's hairstyle, and his outfit is clearly different so it could very easily just be different armor — perhaps something more suited to Skyrule, the way different armor sets in botw were suited to different environments?

  6. What if the "sky-Link" and "ground-Link" really ARE two different characters? The one on the ground is the Link from BotW but the one in the sky is a Link from/in the past? Specifically, sky-Link is the hand that was holding Ganondorf's(?) body in place before Zelda and Link discover them and break the seal.
    The power of that hand transfers to Link and he get's his right hand doing that thing while the original hand… does something or whatever I dunno! HECK perhaps the magic hand just copies Link's body while simultaneously passing on some of its power to him!
    So many possiblities!

  7. In regards to the green puddly-doo, I don't think it has anything to do with time to be honest. I think it my just be some sort of fast travel or transport specifically to these islands. Notice how it goes up into the rock and then seeps threw it to the top, where link pops out of. The time travel thing seems like a stretch to me.

  8. I don´t think it´s two links, I think it´s just an armor style, like on BOTW the Gerudo Male Armor changes his hairstyle… time reversal could be a thing, but i don´t believe you actually time travel when going to the sky. I believe the water droplet thing is the means to actually travel to sky, sort of like the Bird Statues on Skyward Sword….

  9. Maybe there is a considerable amount of gameplay before we go underground for the events that occur in the 2019 trailer. Monsters seem to have become more savage instead of disappearing after the calamity had been 'destroyed' in the first botw. That is what sparks the curiosity to go look for the source of malice in the first place. It would explain why we see some shots of link in his champion's tunic, without the floating islands.

  10. Come on guys. This is like when people thought Link was a girl. It’s Link, okay? He just looks different. It’s not Zelda or some random person. It’s LINK. If it wasn’t Link they would make it obvious in the trailer.

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