BUSHCRAFT SHELTER: Build & Camp for Christmas

Building and camping in a new bushcraft shelter at Christmas.. with a Christmas dinner cooked on a camp fire.

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Sleep Mat: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005I6U4NY/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=kentsurvival-21&creative=6738&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B005I6U4NY&linkId=1fd62f0e50fe1cb5d4170bf27d55e3c6

Bivvy Bag: https://www.alpkit.com/products/hunka

Music: Plantation by Audionautix

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Kent Survival


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  1. I'm in the US and my Canadian step mother is very British and we would always have Yorkshire pudding at Easter with lamb roast, peas, potatoes, and mint sauce, and we would have Yorkshire pudding with Christmas dinner as well, definitely a Christmas thing.

  2. Hi Andy. I've been watching your videos since I discovered them last year, and indeed, I have just subscribed.

    I was born, brought up and still live in the West Riding and have to say that as a child we never had Yorkshire puds with our Xmas dinner there being several boiled veg as well as several roast veg and all the trimmings we didn't need the pudding to fill up.

    We had it with all other Sunday roasts etc (even having a great wodge in onion gravy as a starter as well as having a smaller roundel with the meal).

    These days we DO have the puds with Christmas dinner although I cannot recall when the transition began.

    If ever there was any custard left we children would have it on a slice of bread. Indeed in the frugal 50s/60s we ( Mum Dad and five children) used to have bread and custard with a dollop of jam as a poor man's roly poly sometimes.

  3. I will give up all the palaces, sports cars, all the expensive luxuries of this life in the blink of an eye if I had them lol, just to live simply and peacefully cook dinners on a fire in the woods somewhere, build little shelters or pitch up a tent, be very proud of yourself Andy because this is the real life that you are living.. Cheers.

  4. Like you said with the mixed grill video. I think a Sunday roast and Christmas dinner is a very personnel setup and it's each to your own. To be honest, if it can fit on ma plate I'm havin it!

  5. i am using you for my teacher and have learned, i would love to do this for Christmas, i have not done this in winter, i wanted to get a little experience before trying this in winter i have two shelters and have done over nighters in summer i am now going to try this in winter this year, i am going on thanksgiving as i am gaining confidence and am ready for a winter sleep over just me and my dog beau, my true friend, thank you for all i have learned. the confidence you send via your videos, has come through to offer a safe, pleasant, and peaceful camping experience

  6. Andy. Merry Christmas to you. I just found your video and really enjoyed it. You have a follower from USA. Please tell me what a custard is? I've never ate a chestnut. But your cabin and camp looked very cozy.

  7. lovely video Andy — well done. I assume you feel totally comfortable in the dark on your own? Thansk for sharing! That looked really lopvely with the tarp and lights up!!! You sure know how to treat yourself on a good time!

  8. When my dad was alive, that was his greatest fear — "Oh, no I'm almost out of beer, I only have a case left!" Teetotaler myself for over 40 years now, but I do enjoy a good NA beer or NA malt beverage now and then. Love that Viking horn cup! Stay safe! — An Armchair Adventurer

  9. Great vid — thanks for sharing — what a way to spend Christmas! Andy, I have three questions — what were the trousers you were wearing, what is the cookset you were using and WTF is that beer mug!?

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