Building an IRON AGE HOUSE with Thatch Roof | BUSHCRAFT Project (Ep.15)

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Constructing a traditional Medieval/Iron Age Roundhouse in Ireland, with bushcraft techniques and natural materials only! A New Episode EVERY FRIDAY [Noon ET (US) / 5pm (UK) / 6pm CET & 0.00 CIT], until the roof is finished! In this episode, Dylan joins in to make some progress thatching the roof we bring in the thatch material with pony & cart and also go back to last days of reed harvest in winter; though times!. Enjoy!

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  1. Seeing a lot of people coming together to work on this massive project was awesome. Great to see the roundhouse evolving, remembering the first stone foundations being laid. Love the video as always. Great stuff.

  2. I’ve followed you & this build for a while now. Fantastic job!
    Is the pony a Connemara pony? I had a Welsh x Connemara pony years ago, it was a very sturdy & hardy pony my favourite of all the horses I’ve owned.

  3. Much respect to u all and the help from friends and family you had. This looks like soooooo much work but its nice to see people like you fuys still are keeping these traditions and skills alive today.

  4. Looking very nice. I’ve really enjoyed watching this whole project come to fruition.

    Side question. Is the other dog a Rhodesian Ridgeback? He’s having a blast!

  5. Don't sweat it guys. I am sure iron age man had something akin to 2×12"s, laid out over that reed bed. You're at an awkward disadvantage. As I watch your vids it becomes apparent to me just how much more work was done after dark and in the winter. (reference, your roof staples for one). Carry the reed on your back. I am sure there are vids of how it is accomplished, (my next vid search). Love your vids, Ty for your efforts and interest to share.

  6. Every old timer in the world wishes he had sons like you two! When boomers and beyond say younger generations are lazy this is what they mean, so few would have the resolve and the will to complete a project of this scope.

  7. Not a critique, just an honest question: Do you really have to swing that scythe that hard to get through the reed? I use scythe to mow grass and nettles and it's a very different kind of swing, more of a cut and less of a chop. Never used one on reed, I know it's a lot tougher stuff..

  8. Sometimes I‘d like to have something more, something better than a simple thumbs up. Cutting Reed with a scythe standing in water and mud up to your belly in febuary — there are people out there, who wouldn‘t call that a vacation…
    Great work!
    Keep going

  9. you really should be getting more views for the quality of content you put out. Id suggest playing with the Youtube algorithms which is proven to boost view count. Post more community post's, community polls, use key words in your titles. This will increase your audience reach and make more people click on your content.

  10. Great job on sharpening the blade of the guillotine ( I always sharpened my lawn mower blades with a file ) Dude your working on ZERO body fat, not so good for the strenuous work that your doing, most people like just a little meater kinda bloke, visually almost anorexic, eat a little more please. The roof is looking so good, but what energy to get it there. It's good to have your friends on occasion. Is that a new dog in your family? Well you boys take care and be safe, eat a little more ( just to make this old man happy ) the place is looking great. Bye for now.LOL😋

  11. Great episode again Julious and Dillon, all the time, effort and patience on this project has been incredible to watch. Your respect and love for the Irish countryside is beautiful❤️🇮🇪☘️

  12. I know this is thinking way outside the box, but what if you attached something like small snowshoes to your boots when you’re in the reed beds. It might help distribute the weight and keep you from sinking so badly…. Just a thought🐝🤗❤️

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