Return of the Minish? — Breath of the Wild 2 Theory

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  1. Involve Vatii and the Four Sword and the Minish could play a role in BotW2. To me it would make sense to involve Vatii as Ganondorf would have just awakened from a millenia long seal which sucked out his power and is in need of a powerful ally to buy him time. Would be awesome that after waking Ganondorf goes to the resting place of the Four Sword to destroy it and release Vatii as i feel Ganondorf knows where that Sacred sword rests.

  2. It seems fairly likely, given the new game is essentially an expansion pack that was turned into a proper game. As for how the Minish could factor into things, who knows. Would be cool to have them appear with homes in areas of the world that were more remote and isolated, given those locations a semblance of being lived in, even if it's by a race who aren't as known across Hyrule like the Gerudo, Zora, and Rito. I would imagine the shrinking mechanic could return, though whether it'd be some seamless change between sizes or load you into a special area, it's hard to say, but the latter is probably more likely since they'd be able to pack separate locations with stuff than have to make it seamless between Link's regular and shrunken sizes.

    In regards to Vaati, that would be rather interesting if he were somehow revived, given he's one of the villains in the series who is killed by another, greater evil. Even if he were now just a force of evil much like his Four Swords and Four Swords Adventure encounters, that would be quite the amazing battle to experience in 3D.

  3. I know nothing of the Minish [edit: as in, I've never played that game nor looked into it sorry] but they're interesting. This entire theory is interesting. But. I don't believe that major elements from previous games (from eras as old as the minish cap) will play any significant role in BoTW 2. Why? It is Skyward Sword that got its convenient re-release on the Switch and references to it in the BoTW 2 trailer. I believe this will be the sole game to be significantly important in BoTW 2.
    No more than the Zelda series tends to look back at things and have easter eggs and references, anyway.

  4. i dont know how i would feel about having the Minish in BotW. sure they are small and can hide in nooks and crannies but the entirety of hyrule got a make over thanks to Ganondorf, surely they wouldnt have been able to survive something of that magnitude, at least not all. so having them in BotW 2 would make more sense in my opinion.

  5. I just gotta say that if they include the Minish in some shape or form, masterpiece. I had something else that I wanted to say and explain about this…but I forgot so forgive me, but love the video!

  6. WAIT WAIT WAIT… what if, the reason we can't see the sky islands is because they're TINY… What if the water droplet is actually the size of a water droplet and Link is tiny when he lands on the island??? Mind = blown.

  7. Since Ganon corrupted Link's arm and made it unable to wield the master sword, wouldn't it be interesting for Link to find Minish villages, learn about how else we can finish off Ganon (since the master sword is not an option for Link) and eventually go on a quest to find the Four Sword, empowering it with the 4 elements across Hyrule and then sealing the calamity within it.

    Would be dope

  8. I was also really disappointed when I found out the tiny race was dropped from BOTW.
    The robot from the game 2 trailer reminded me of something. I've hypothesized that some of Sheikah tech might be based on Minish tech. Specifically I think the shrines might use shrinking technology.
    I know there's been fans questioning how the underground trials for the shrines can exist considering the amount of space they take up.One theory suggest the trials occur inside Link's mind. Personally I think the shrine elevator's shrink Link as he goes down, similar to the Picori Portals.
    In any case, keeping fingers crossed that Minish will appear or be mentioned in BOTW2.

  9. Minish cap was the Zelda title I definitely put the most hours into as a kid (well no, oot cause of my dad) and it’s by far my favorite game. I really hope they put the piccori into botw2. I just would really hope not to see random tiny houses in the middle of the plains like you see in the photo and design them closer to the gba version where they utilize organic or human made objects as homes. They just looked too large for me. I would also like like to see kinstones to be the next koroks seed collectible.

  10. FSA should go before OoT. Same Ganondorf in both, which is complicated, but I can explain. The Trident from FSA is a relic of Denise that gave him the Demon King status before he went after the Triforce.

    Also, the DT should be revised. Instead of Link dying in the final battle of OoT, he was killed as a child before obtaining the Master Sword. Ganondorf successfully entered the Sacred Realm. The Sages sealed him in, leading to ALttP.

    The GBA version of ALttP is correct. Ganondorf brought the Four Sword into the Sacred Realm with him to prevent its use against him. Stored it in his pyramid. Link rescues it in ALttP.

    After ALttP, Zelda's wish to end Ganondorf's evil retroactively fixes Link's death in OoT. When Ganondorf tries to kill him in the Temple of Time, he is stopped, and the Master card Sword protects Link for seven years, leading to the game we know and the AT.

    In both the AT and CT, the Four Sword is left in the pyramid in the Sacred Realm, presumably enshrined forever. As for a Ganondorf, he is the same through all games, so what you say about the Malice in TP works.

  11. I typed this up earlier, but I dare anyone to read it as a perspective of one who has been an avid LoZ diehard since I was 9 after the release of OoT. I am collecting the last few games in the series I never had a chance to play as I explain below. These include Minish, Seasons/ages and LttP. As someone who has extensive knowledge and respect (but was also poor enough consistently that I got every console or handheld after it had been out for a year or more till I got comfortable with being patient instead of judgmental) I implore everyone to take a look at the fan base in the past and expect better of yourself and your gameplay before you judge anything they decide to release. We’re all just, at the end of the day, lucky Nintendo went into video games instead of board games at all.

    So anyway a quick backstory! I never had a GBA as a kid until last year! I really wanted a portable gaming device since I ~finally~ got exposed to Nintendo after the N64 was released about 3 years too late when I was about 9 years old right after OoT came out. I didn’t even know to ask for it as I was fairly sheltered, but my sister asked for Christmas and a few months later abandoned it after she got bored. Changed my life forever.

    I guess as much as I’m an avid and humbly successful collector for LoZ merch and limited release games in particular, I have this gap between LoZ2 and OoT. It’s a real shame. My first handheld was a DS and then later I traded it in with a few games for the gold DS with the triforce. I have long since retired it for my vanilla black 3DS, but Minish, Ages/Seasons and link to the past have always been games I respect but have never sunk fully into like the others.

    I have been saying for the past 8 months I would rather ditch ANOTHER OoT and MM for switch, and instead get the Seasons/Ages we should be asking for especially with the improvement in connection over internet and the quality of he latest links awakening that I feel far exceeded the Majora’s 3DS remake that ruined the Zora area. I would also love to see the last of the three they never had time for finished on the Oracle set they didn’t have the time or power to finish back in GBA days. I would pay $60 for all three individually to finally see the original developers dream realized for not just Din, Nayru, but also Farore who was always my favorite… yes I just said I would pay $180 for three games re-released like Links Awakening did. I don’t care if everyone else protests. It’s worth it for me to finally see those amazing games brought back to a new and enthusiastic, but ignorant fan base.

    We should not only be asking more of Nintendo in this way, but also showing full support and pride when they do. I loved Skyward Sword immediately after launch for the story, despite everyone complaining about trivial crap and it’s great to see people finally eat crow after 10 years, but the issue goes deeper. It’s the culture few were there to witness live since Majora’s left everyone wondering what would be on GameCube next.

    I remember how no one would let go of windwaker being too “cartoonish” so it had to be a kid’s game. Years of bitching especially during the rise of Xbox and PlayStation getting edgier and ignoring the fact that it was a landmark installment and even more emotionally heartbreaking than Majora’s ever was.

    Then twilight was too “dark” and “slow paced” after getting exactly what those players thought they were asking for… only for both of these games to be finally praised later only after more patient individuals online explained how great they were… took a hell of a long time guys…

    Now that the age of the immediate internet has finally settled the last decade into what we’re used to and we trust reviewers over websites dedicated to reviewing. I’m proud to say I have witnessed the change where we demanded a change from an age free from review magazines and websites that were $bought$ out before the review was even written. We now see how much pressure we unintentionally put on our companies to do something that we had no idea of how to express originality and how it stifles their creative freedom… which creates products that are inferior to what they would have been.

    Everyone wants an immediate pay off. They want the magic of their personal play through in each and every moment of the new installment of their favorite series… to make them make a perfect snapshot to our past, when we were being asked to grow our expectations and grow with the series to make new memories even better than those experiences and drop our expectations for something sweeter… Most of us didn’t till much later and it shows. We have been too hard on Nintendo with LoZ for years and I truly think that is absolutely the main reason we didn’t get to have a fun and free anniversary like Mario did. Why would they risk putting in effort when we would complain about wether or not we get content, much less what it is and what we expect.

    Mario always had a simple premise and elicits a similar simple neurological response. Complete puzzles=get serotonin. LoZ has always aspired to and lived up to more. That’s why it is respected and has fewer flippant games produced under the brand. It’s so cherished because of its complex and memorable story telling, that it continues to be maimed immediately after each new major release since Ocarina of Time! Now you’ll even see others saying how outdated and shit the definitive OoT is when they try it out now for the first or second time to no further than their first introduction to hyrule field! They will never even learn how to z shift between targets and get good to fully utilize the controls instead of whining like babies that it’s “chunky and crap” when it’s their inability to play that causes them issues instead of whatever imagined deficiencies they decide are in the game before they fully understand it.

    This all loops back to where we are today. BotW has an amazingly dedicated and wonderful team developing with the same passion that they did back in the N64 era. We have great reviewers who independently see the vast beauty of he series like MonMaze and HyGamer etc. to remind us that it’s not always hype and scores that matter, and we are so lucky they are intelligent and open enough to see and sew these theories together, but also give us a safe place to talk about them without reproach. We have wonderful content creators like PointCrow and SmallAnt etc. to keep us engaged in new ideas and appreciative of what we do have… I’m trying to say that if we want more (like for a damn anniversary release for instance), we have to be better fans too. We have to support instead of judge and be the kind of people who are just as excited to play the whole game like when we were kids… and not just be the first to complete it like we’re successful in some way for doing it proficiency and having the definitive and unchanging view of its quality first to dominate the public opinion like we seem to NEED to do as adults.

    Saying this though… I want to state Nintendo fucked up playing into Amiibo‘. They backed themselves into a corner on that. They should consider releasing card packs for cheaper but more expensive than the ones going online so I can spend $80ish bucks on a full LoZ set to support my company instead of being forced into being scalped for hundreds of dollars for a product I can’t use on the go, or $15 for illegitimate products just so I can complete and play a full game. I wish they would do this for the customers like me who play it exclusively handheld who can’t cart around a bag of amiibo just to add in features I happen to want on the fly.

    Thanks for reading anyway. TLDR: Expect more of yourself and enjoy the damn games instead of bitching it didn’t live up to your vague expectations before release based on your favorite games, if you ever want better games from your favorite company. Stop living in the past and being narrow minded and grow with the new because they have been better than their player base and we will be rewarded with a company that’s excited to make games for US again if we raise our expectations of ourselves.

    Also Amiibo was a mistake and they could have did better.

    Love the vid MonMaze.

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