AWESOME FOOTAGE 🐗🐗🐗 Wild Hog Trapping at Hollis Farms

Wild hog trapping at Hollis Farms

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Hollis Farms


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  1. Great catch!!!
    Get you a 6’ piece of 6” thick wall pipe… get your hole digger and put as close as you can to 3’ in the ground drill 1 1/2”-2” holes up to about 18” above the ground… pour feed molasses and cheap red pop in it first then fill it with corn… don’t mix them together it will stick together and not work as efficiently as you want it to… they already know where the food is… just make them work for it for a couple of days… I’m pretty sure you know to put it in the center of the trap and put less and les around it until they start working on the pipe… it should start working real good around the time you can smell it before you see it….👍

  2. God jason yall are eat up with hogs. Man you got the freezer full..thanks for sharing this video with us. I got to get me one of those from the Bakery .God bless you Jason. Catch us some more hogs tonight .I wonder what happened to the mama pigs with those little babies. I haven't seen her anymore.

  3. Nice catch 🐖 ready to see that 650 bike 🏍 in action! Cody been playing evil Knievel yet ? Jump something truck, bus 🚌 race car put that dirt bike in the air! Ha ha 😆 Just joking 🙃 Kids now a days don’t know who that is ..

  4. Hello Brthr, I enjoy you taking us out to watch you bush-hog ur field. I agree, catching them 6 hogs was a good thing. Thanks for allowing me, a former country boy, a chance to enjoy old memories with you. I love that little Jack Russell you got too. Love Brthrn Jeff B.

  5. I do not know if you made a video about this question but how bad was the hog problem before you started catching these pigs regularly? If you and other hog catchers were to stop catching these pigs how long would it take before these pigs breed to the point were it is out of control?

  6. Why don't you get a 5000 lb winch and then get some hook it rope loops and pull all those pigs in one pull ?
    Why screw your back up ?
    What do you do with the pigs your killing ?
    Why not show a video on that ??
    Remember you preaching :
    Like my dad thought me .
    If you kill it you going to eat it !
    Hopefully your not just throwing those pigs in a pit to rot ?
    There are food kitchens that would take that meat and feed the hungry and homeless ?

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