Bushcraft Gear: Italian Canvas Tactical Backpack

This is my review of the Italian Canvas Tactical Backpack from swisslink.com. Excited about my new pack and sharing what a petite sized bushcrafter on a budget looks for in a bushcraft day/overnight pack.

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  1. I have the same lack that I picked up cheap from Coleman’s military surplus. I’m modding mine up to suit me, but for $25 it was a good deal. Good for an overnighter, but my large Alice with 7gal plastic trashcan inserted in the main is my go to for anything longer than say 1-3 days.

  2. Nice review young lady. I just stumbled across your channel and enjoyed your "can do" attitude. Looks like you're off to a terrific start!! Keep in mind that all the straps and buckles can be changed or modified or adjusted according to your own preferences . If you sew or know someone that does, most of the changes can be DIY. Also, ifn and when the time comes, check out REI. They will be happy to take some time with you and FIT one or two of their packs to you needs and size. The draw back is they can be pricey. In any case, nice review. Keep up the good work and keep hiking. Best wishe…… Ax

  3. Just subbed you, nice simple review, no pretentious nonsense and enjoyable to watch.
    My wife has the same problem with packs as she is also small framed. There are some great products out there if you hunt around for them long enough.
    As for the Italian pack you just reviewed, most people with medium or large framed bodies complain about the packs placement when worn as they are used to traditional style packs and forget that it is designed for issue to mountain troops and as such is required to sit high on the shoulders facilitating the use of climbing harnesses etc and is not intended to rest on the hips with a waist belt as most other packs are.
    It's great you have found a workable option with the Italian pack, I would be scavenging some old bits of straps and a padded waist belt to stitch on to the pack, with a little thought it could be made into a traditional style pack for your frame size.
    We are looking forward to watching your other videos, keep up the great work.
    Kind regards, Jack & Karen.

  4. that first bag you showed it may look nice but it is a very poor design that could hurt anyone. I really like the second bag I have been looking for a good bag. I have used the allies ruck sacks wail I was in the military but know I want something nicer. good video

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