Was There a 'Hebra Village' Pre Calamity in Breath of The Wild? (Zelda Theory)

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  1. If you're going to speculate that they were digging out the divine beast there, wouldn't they need a place for all of the workers? That much rock isn't carved out in a day, after all.
    Once they found the Divine Beast, they just packed up all the temporary structures and left.

  2. I think it is possible that the village fell during a period of aggression between Hylian's and the Rito. There are random periods in history between and during many of the games where one of the groups is not always on good terms with the Hylian's. It is possible they made trade difficult and the small village died out slowly being so far away front he rest of Hyrule or there could have been a battle. Obviously no proof of this but given when the village would have went away, there wouldn't be any so there also is not anything to disprove this.

  3. My idea is that it was a projected build site for a village. Plus an avalanche wouldn't be able to touch the village where you proposed it to be. Selmie's house would also have to be built post hole in the mountain because it is unlikely that it wouldn't survive a hole being blasted in the side of the mountain. The posts may have been initially placed there as markers for workers so they could find the site but either divine beast excavation or the clamity interupted those plans. The posts could have been set up again or repurposed post calamity for potential shield surfers. Plus, I may be wrong, but don't most of the flags lead to selmie's spot at the beginning of the shield surfing slope?

  4. (Sorry if this has been suggested before) Most likely solution (in my opinion) is that the village was never actually built. Perhaps it was ready to be set up when the calamity struck, and only the docks and roads were set up before it had to be abandoned due to ganon’s rise

  5. If they were searching for Medoh in the area of today's lake the people living in the village may have left. Maybe due to the new inaccessibility of the lake, their main food source. Maybe because they weren't used to all the trouble and they just wanted to be on their own. So they spread out to other Villages far from all the big roads.
    Edit: Like the one at Lake Illumeni
    Or they were forced away by the workers! Or it just was the worker's village, like said in the comment you've pinned. (Great theory btw)

  6. Maybe they had to leave during the uncovering of Vah Ruta? All the blasting of the mountains around the settlement may have been causing issues for the town. So they just took everything down, and moved.

  7. Couldn't the checkpoints just be a guide to the top of the mointain? People were climbing it because it was there (y'know like everist) and a team of good semeritans marked the safest path so that they wouldn't… Die?

  8. My theory is that the Divine beasts laser destroyed part of the mountain, and while fighting the guardians destroyed the settlement, then, after the 100’s of years that passed, the harsh snowstorms have covered the settlement and the decayed guardians, burying them deep under the snow, leaving nothing, but a flat, open area left.

  9. I guess my thing about the lake being a fishing spot doesn't make sense since the water is too cold to even swim in so wouldn't that mean not much could live in it to fish from? Is it possible that the settlement could be located in an area that maybe got buried by an avalanche? I also just wanted to say that Hebra is my favorite music in the game. Its so soothing.

  10. Hmmmm this isn't about Hebra village but do you think that the leviathans that you can find in the Hebra mountaina,Gerudo desert and the tar pit in the death mountain province could be from outside Hyrule like unknown seas to hyrules residents?

    And while I'm at it could the Gerudo desert could've been a ocean in the ancient times of Hyrule since the leviathan looks like it belongs in a ocean

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