Bushcraft Essentials LF

Introducing The Bushcraft Essentials LF. I try my hand at some German Dumplings in the woods, as I run this stove through the paces

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  1. Thanks for a very informative video. I am going to buy one of these so thanks for the advice about not sticking it into the ground because of the updraft. One question though, what on earth is 'fat wood'? Never heard of it before.

  2. many many thanks for lining them all up on the log so that you can see side by side what the relative size is. I have been in a real twist. Good looking stoves but not cheap, didn't want to make a mistake. Thanks again

  3. I like the xL Knife that you used to cut the branches. The one that becomes a triangle for you to hold. where did you buy it? very good video by the way 🙂

  4. I neglected to mention Shane that I also have the same mess tin set but mine is branded as Summit and my Lixada Wood Gas Stove fits perfectly inside the larger pot in much the same way as it would inside a MRS 750ml pot 🙂

  5. German dumplings cooked on a German stove Shane…superb. I have the Lixada folding wood stove which is great at a fraction of the cost of the Bushbox and Firebox although time will tell if the Lixada lasts the test of time. Thank you for the excellent review. I may be in the market in the future for the LF. Happy wandering. Paul 🙂

  6. thanks for the review! what diameter is the pan that you're using? I'm trying to figure out what size pans are best for the LF, so they're not too big, but still big enough 🙂

  7. hi, i have been looking for a telescopic blow pipe like you have used it in this video for a while. could you please tell me the correct name and brand of it and where to get one? i have heared of one that comes with a fire steel inside as well. but don't know the name or brand of it eighter.
    have you got any information on them? greatings from germany

  8. You…. AHHHHHHHH!
    Spätzle are noodles, not dumplings!
    And whatever you call a "brat", I hope you do not refere to that ugly piece of sausage, because that is as much a german Bratwurst as you being a german gourmet!

  9. Another good review brother. Love the excursions and the excellent bushcraft cooking. I stumbled upon your channel and liked what I saw being that I'm a stove and gear junkie as well. My latest craze has been the portable wood stoves. I like my Solo Titan and regular size, but just recently have been moving towards folding wood stoves. Have a few DIY models so far, but just picked up the Firebox Titanium Nano. Amazing piece of kit. (Titanium nut as well) By the way, I love that Ti skillet. I need one to complete a 7 pcs Ti set I've put together. Anyway, I was going to buy the firebox Gen 2 when you made this video. The LF is the perfect size for my water bottle pouch pocket. I went to Bushcraft Essentials and just bought one thanks to you. Is the Firebox Gen 2 your best performing folding stove? I'm guessing it's the most versatile ? Thanks bro, until the next vid, Cheers

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