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The Wild Beyond the Witchlight
A wickedly whimsical adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Once every eight years, the fantastic Witchlight Carnival touches down on your world, bringing joy to one settlement after the next. Its owners, Mister Witch and Mister Light, know how to put on a good show. But there’s more to this magical extravaganza than meets the eye!

The carnival is a gateway to a fantastic Feywild domain unlike anything found on the Material Plane. Time has not been kind to this realm, however, and dark days lie ahead unless someone can thwart the dastardly schemes of the Hourglass Coven.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight takes adventurers from the Witchlight Carnival to Prismeer, a Feywild domain of delight, and is designed for characters of levels 1–8. This book comes with a poster map that shows the carnival on one side and Prismeer on the other.

Explore the Plane of Faerie in the first official D&D adventure set primarily in the Feywild.
The adventure begins on a campaign world of the DM’s choice. The Witchlight Carnival, which serves as the means by which the characters enter the Feywild, can be dropped easily into any campaign setting.
Adds two new character backgrounds: the Feylost (for characters who grew up in the Feywild) and the Witchlight Hand (for characters who work at the Witchlight Carnival).
Introduces two races—play as a fairy or as a harengon, a race of humanoid rabbits.
All encounters in the adventure include a non-combat option, allowing players to think and roleplay their way through the adventure if they wish.
Classic 1980s Dungeons & Dragons characters return, including Warduke, Strongheart, and Kelek.
On the Cover
The Witchlight Carnival has come to town! On the back cover, a displacer beast finds 8-year-old Tyler Jacobson and leads him back to the carnival, where he belongs.

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  1. Something else to remember when roleplaying fey characters:
    Tinkerbell in Peter Pan (the original) only had room in her small body for one emotion at a time, so it may help to channel that when playing a being of pure emotion.

  2. Ashley Johnson did a great job about this with Fearne in Exandria Unlimited. Fearne was a peaceful person, and Ashley took that peacefulness to it's extreme. Lmao
    It was so fun to see someone play a character who was AGGRESSIVELY at peace. Lmao

  3. I love the way the fairy was done as a "template". I've been interested in fey creatures and folklore my whole life so it's exciting to be able to make a huge variety of characters based on different things.
    The first fairy character I made with the UA was a small creature, kind of like a brightly colored halfling covered in flowers, with a little unicorn horn and a little tail. Very cutesy. And then pitch black eyes and sharp teeth, for that hint of unsettling that I feel is necessary for any fey being.

  4. Currently playing a Hexblood myself in a Strahd game and this video helped me realize that a frustrated emotional outburst was actually in line with his heritage. This video definitely inspired further rollplay for me. Looking forward to getting this book

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