Bushcraft Camping with my Dog | Lavvu Hot Tent Disaster!

Join me and my dog Poppy, as we head out for a bushcraft camping trip, where I set up the lavvu as a hot tent for the night.

After setting up camp and practicing some bushcraft skills, I cook up some food and settle in for the evening. However, its not long before disaster strikes and we have a lucky escape.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Matt and Poppy

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  1. Glad you are both OK, really enjoy your videos, and really impressed you shared this one to make others aware of the possible dangers. Seems like Poppy did pretty well food wise after the lamb steak snatch. Looking forward to your next adventure..

  2. First the lamb then the lavvu, reckon I’d have been much more grumpy! The main thing is you both got out. Everyday is a school day 😬 — great post and thanks for sharing the lesson.

  3. I like that you showed how things can go dangerously wrong. It made me realize that I need to be aware and prepared for any contingency. So thx Dude for showing that. Glad you and Poppy weren't injured.

  4. That's bringing hot tent camping to a new level! Thankfully you were still awake and were able to get Poppy and yourself out in time. Still can't believe how quickly the Lavvu went up though. Doesn't give you a lot of time once it goes. At least Poppy got a good lamb steak and some bacon out of it… best to make it up to her and take her canoe camping Matt!! 😂 Glad your both OK though.

  5. Obviously you acted quickly and sensibly in ensuring Poppy was safe, saving most of your equipment and making sure the fire was under control. Things happen, it’s how we deal with emergencies that is important and you proved yourself there. Glad Poppy forgave you when presented with bacon! (Although, come to think of it she did steal half your supper!)

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