SURVIVAL EARTH LODGE HOUSE (2) — Building a complete and warm shelter to survive!

Here is a complete shelter with a real fireplace and waterproof roof! A great shelter and one of my best shelters to survive in the woods! Friends this shelter, is exactly the shelter that you needed to survive! In this shelter I usually use dead wood and clay also part of a metal barrel that I just found in the woods! The way to make this shelter belongs totally to me with the traditional and material means found in place. I still have to finish the interior the finishes. At the moment I am in difficult conditions there are eating in the woods I show you in the other episodes with my adventures in the woods.. My little fireplace is really great, amazing warmth. Take a good look at how to make this shelter because it can save your life!
Thank you very much to all for your comments and likes and for your support.

Sincerely Athos

#bushcraft #shelter #survival

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  1. When I was 7 years to 11 years old I was taken from my parents to live in the woods. Thanks God at least I was not alone. There was a large group of kids mt age. I am a City Kid. I knew nothing about how to survive. I the kids & I build a small shelter. We only build a flat Roof. No wall at all. The ground was wet. We dumped a bunch if Leaves on the ground. That was our Bed. At night it was freezing. When rain came our bed washed away with the floid water. We are not allowed to do any more for our shelter. We were made slaves. Busy working 12 hours daily & 7 dats a week to do all sorts of works for the devils & their families who captured us. It was the evil regime's planned to kills all of us by working us to death & starving. They fed us Banana Tree. They made us cook our own foods. Our diet was mainly Banana Tree. We used the entire Tree as our food source. Grasses & weeds was the other foods. Whatever you can picks up on the road to & from works was all we are allowed to have. We farmed foods but not allow to eat it. If you are caught stealing a fruit all your Fingers will be chop off. Second times caught stesling severe tortures. 3rd caught stealing it will be your life. Some people would takes this three chances to trade their life just to eats three times. I kept eating what I was allowed. After awhile my body could not take the food. Even my Pigs eats better than me I kept repeats for years & cried. It was very confusing & no one would tells me what was going on. In the end I choose death by not eating the trashes. I do what I want. They tried to kills me. They burued me up to my Nose. They wipes my body to try to kill me from bleeding to death. Every night for 4 years they tortured me before they tries to kill me. They verbally abused me first before they physicall tortured me. Each time they tried to take make life, God sent males Angels to save my life. The most horrifying method was buried me alive. This God sent a team of four malesl Angels to take me out after they half buried me alive. The Angels would use Lighten to chase them off after the saved me first. I told my savers to klills them. But The Angels did not. I was confused & do not understand why. You see, they are used by God to exactly what God had instructed them to do. To save my life not to take a life. Two would chase the killers away while the others worked to saved my life. I was not allowed to see how I got me out. All I knew was I was about to pass out from lack of airs and the heavy of the dirts freaked me out & I screamed until my Eyes tears flows. Once I was freed I saw what the Angels did & screamed kills them they were killing. A plague came & 3/4 of the group died. I was the last to be brought to the fileld of deaths. I was about to die when a female Angel who was skilled in natural medicines came to save me. I was dumped Face down & could not moved. I was starving. No doctor, being avoided because of the plague. I was being stubborn. The Angel used words to persauds me to do what she told me to do. This was a plant that had kept everyone alive. I refused to eat it. Even in the end I still refused to eat it. She said what I wanted to hear. I quickly ate my fill while crying. I was very confused after. Because the male Angels used magic power & this female Angels used words to saved my life.

  2. best sawing montage in the bushcraft world of youtube, laughed even harder because of how silent you always are in your videos. thank you for all the inspiration, and very excellent work sir.

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