Wilderness Shelter Build Improvements — Returning to the Bushcraft Site and an Apology

I almost didn’t post this video. Due to a technical issue, we lost about 70 % of the footage from this trip. As a result the video feels rushed and disjointed. I apologize if the quality is not as it should. The reason I am posting it is because we are starting our fall shelter improvements which will be a series of videos showcasing the upgrades that we are planning. So even though I am not happy with how the video turned out, we wanted to make sure that we’d show the start of upgrades.

Thank you very much!

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  1. You should get her an Estwing camp axe. They are about the same weight as her hatchet but have about 6 inch longer handle. So it will be easier for her to split wood. She handles that drawknife like a pro and damn sure deserves the best gear you can get her. I'M CONSTANTLY AMAZED…..YOU DAMN SURE GOT A KEEPER, BETTER THAN LOT OF SO CALLED OUTDOORS MEN ON YT

  2. Hey great segment and trust me this winter you will be so glad that you put in the time right now. It's going to be interesting to see how this all comes together! Great to watch you two work together to. Again thanks for the great segment!

  3. Loved this one! Especially Mike as “Buster Keaton” and that wonderful old time music! You guys do it all now! Great lunch! Chicken souvlaki….mmmmmm! I see too you’re making great use of your techniques in fire starting with birch bark! Nice 👍!!

  4. You know what I love about you guys and your channel, you never get to big for your britches as my gram would say you keep humble but you deal with whatever comes along those are the type of people that I respect and appreciate so thanks guys just for being you.

  5. Your video today was just the refresher I needed with cup of strong coffee. I so enjoyed the back and white clips with great music!! Sorry that all your hard work was lost. ☹️ Happy Fall Blessings

  6. Loved the music and your wraps looked delicious. Only issue I have is the videos aren’t long enough or frequent enough. Love seeing you guys out there, looks like something we could all do. Stay well from Ottawa

  7. I don't think anyone cared that the microphone gave you a problem. I do know all the comments I have read were just glad to have a video and I couldn't agree more! ( for the record I think this is a fine video and well-edited) (but, that is just my opinion)

  8. I'm sure it was heart breaking to lose all that hard work you did filming 😞 we don't blame you for technical issues, sh*t happens lol. Thanks for the video, looking forward to the next!

  9. Hi there! Thanks a lot for watching. I am sorry again that the video wasn't as good as it should have been due to losing a lot of footage. We will be releasing another video in about a week's time which should be more entertaining I hope! Thank you all so much!

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