Is There Civilization Beyond Hyrule? — Breath Of The Wild

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  1. Imagine the possibilities to explore different cultures across the world. I imagine the reason there isn't really any travel in from the outside is because the rest of the world considers Hyrule cursed land/a lost cause. But with the Calamity gone, maybe we could see an influx. From the sea, from the distant plains, from over the mountains…maybe even an opportunistic invasion? Unlikely, but a cool thought nonetheless.

  2. I like to think that, that the random cliff to the north in akala in between skull lake and the tech lab that has nothing on it and that you can walk on, may or may not have been the 'bridge' to those cliffs in the north

  3. It's been mentioned before by other channels, but Akkala Citadel was built to defend Hyrule from invasion so, given that, we can reasonably infer that there's some kind of civilization out that way, else there would have been no need to spend the massive amount of resources it would have taken to build such a large structure. As for whether or not any Hyrullians fled that way, I kind of doubt it for a few reasons. For one most would have hunkered down in the Citadel thinking it would be safe. For another, considering the reason for the Citadel's construction, the lands across that stretch of sea would likely have been hostile, or at least somewhat less than welcoming, to the Hylian people so not exactly the best place to flee going from one threat to another.

  4. Plot twist: There are other lands and peoples, but they all have their own version of Ganon too.

    Hyrule Refugees: Oh thank the Goddess Hylia! Finally we have escaped destruction and found a new land in which to make our home.

    Other Peoples: Welcome, weary travelers! Surely you have endured much on your journey, but the gods have delivered you here. Rest and be at ease. Know that ours is a land of peace and prosperity. We are a center of trade, of art, and of technology. And yet…we live under the shadow of fear. For prophecy tells that a great evil will soon return to darken these lands. We call this darkness…Calamity Gary.

    Hyrule Refugees: OH FOR #&@^!'S SAKE.

  5. I have a theory as to what might be beyond the borders of Hyrule. I could be lands from Links other adventures such as Labryna or Holodrum for the oracle games. It could also be Termina from Majora's Mask. But that's just my thoughts, What do you think?

  6. Video suggestions? I've got a couple I'd love to see you cover!
    1) Ranking your favorite combat systems of the 3D Zelda games
    2) Ranking the different iterations of Hyrule Castle
    3) Ideas from yourself and the community on Zelda spin-off games that we'd love to see
    4) Where you'd like to see the Zelda franchise go in the future
    Love your content! Always looking forward to the next video

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