The DARK Secret of Revali’s Death… (Breath of The Wild)

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Intro — 00:00
The Champions Situation — 01:33
Revali’s Fate — 02:52
Outro — 06:06

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  1. You know when the fight starts and Revali mentions that windblight ganon "plays dirty"? I think this may be what he was referring to. Nullifying all of Revali's strengths and hitting him with invisible and unpredictable attacks, of course he'd feel like the fight was unfair.

  2. I want to add this severely overlooked point. It's one thing that it's dark and he cannot see. It's another thing that it's dark and it's RAINING.

    Rito feathers are good for insulation but what happens when it's wet?

    Birds are extremely sensitive to body temperature changes and wet feathers do not make easy flight.

    Poor thing is soaked through, can't see, hampered flight abilities and fumbling. He's pretty much screwed here right from the start.

    He wasn't 'winging it' he was getting his ass completely thrashed here

    (Conveniently the rain stopped when teba arrived…)

  3. Each Champion was ELEMENTALLY in their element but the Blights used the champions strengths against them. Mipha is agile in water so WaterBlight froze the water, Urbosa was fast and agile but ThunderBlight was faster and used clones, Daruk has his shield but FireBlight was just much stronger, and Revali could create his own wind/updraft which no one could do until ThunderBlight kind if made his own in the reverse direction I believe. I believe Ganon was watching them through the Malice Eyes so when the Blights manifested, they already knew how to beat them.

  4. Idk why Daruk would be burnt to a crisp, Goron’s have been shown in many games that they can withstand extreme temperatures similar to death mountain(and it’s equivalents) in BoTW, Ocarina of Time, AoC and others, and the ability to swim/walk in lava in Triforce Heroes or Majora’s Mask respectively. That, or you’re right, and I’m overthinking things.

  5. I always wondered how Revali lost, and this theory sadly helps give an idea how it possibly happened. Revali seemed equal if not better than Link in weapons combat so on a level playing field theoretically he should have bested Wind Blight. Would be interesting to theorize how the other champions fell to the other blights.

  6. I do love Revali. Even before something about him was pointed out to me, but once I realised this particular fact about him, I had so much more respect for him. Revali is the only one of the champions to actually worked hard and make his champion ability. In Mipha's diary, she talks about healing Link when he was just a child and the way she talks about healing magic makes it seem like something thats not unheard of. Rare maybe, but not something unknown, especially by the Zora. So it's safe to say it's something she inherited or was born with. Yunobo has Daruk's protection and is said by the chief that Yunobo is a decendant of Daruk so it's most likely something passed down through bloodline. While much isn't said about Urbosa's fury, in Age of Calamity Riju also has electric abilities. With both of them being chiefs, maybe the thunder helm has something to do with it. That's just a theory though. In Revali's diary, he talks about having a dream about creating an updraft from nothing and from that decided to work and push his limits until it becomes a reality. In the Champions' Ballad DLC memory we even see him struggling to perfect it but still not giving up. He straight up just made Revali's gale out of nothing but hard work and persistance while the other champions just had their ablities and for that, I think he deserves some praise.

  7. Maybe that's why Revalis SOS is later? If he can't see he may have not noticed he was under attacked until a little bit later and/or if the champions had to get to the terminal maybe he had trouble seeing it or getting to it because that disadvantage of not being able to see attacks to dodge etc. And yes congratulations on your anniversary:D!!!

  8. Im not gonna lie, hearin you use they/them for your partner made me really happy, everytime I hear others using it, my little non-binary heart gets a little happier. Congrats on the aniversary o//

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