Winter Camping in PRIMITIVE SURVIVAL SHELTER — Natural Emergency Bushcraft Shelter, Documentary

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Asmr, Off grid, Wild camping, Wilderness, Camp cooking, Primitive technology, Fireplace.
Me and my dog are having a great time overnight bushcraft winter camping in the Forest.
This is a video of a two days winter bushcraft camp with my dog.
I found a natural shelter where I could spend the night. I covered the air-permeable parts of the shelter with trees and leaves. Around the campfire site, I made a reflector of stone so that the heat would not be blown away by the wind.
How to use the polypore tinder fungus to catch a spark and form a coal. This is a powerful firestarter, especially in extreme cold or very wet conditions.
I sleep very short, waking up sometimes to check the fire. But I got enough sleep.
This was a winter hike with my dog, with elements of bushcraft, survival skills and campfire cooking.

My videos cover Bushcraft, winter wild camping, fishing, shelter, off grid, log cabin, primitive technology, wilderness survival and outdoor skills, DIY, ASMR bushcraft gear like axes, knives, saws, backpacks, clothing systems, shelters and cooking gear.

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  1. Another great video my friend. I love to camp too but where I am in Australia there are many snakes and most of them are very venomous so I only take my dog with me in the winter. Can I ask if there are snakes in your area?

  2. Cuidado com carne crua p o seu dog, precisa assar ou cozinhar p matar os germes escondidos na carne👈👈 se vc o ama como vejo aqui cuide dele p que viva mais e te acompanhe em muitas outras aventuras. Agradeço se me ouvir sou veterinária a 30 anos obrigado.

  3. Love watching you make and create real art of survival in all conditions. You should try the Rockies mountain range for a change lol but due to your videos, I am headed out on Monday morning for a few weeks of rough living again and well I can't wait to get out there with the mountain lion and bears to do real old fashioned living again. Great work my friend keep the videos coming and the adventure going.

  4. Làm ca bin kiểu này rất nguy hiểm, không tránh được mưa lớn mà lại bị rắn, rét côn trùng nó đốt thì toang luôn, phải có bat che lại để tránh được mưa lớn, nên kê giường cao hơn.

  5. Hello from Oklahoma! Good Video! You put so much effort into your camps. Wow!! I saw some new ideas I'm going to try. Thank You! An idea I picked up long ago from a Scout Master. Break camp, take three steps away from camp, stop, turn around. Study the spot, did you leave anything? Are You happy with the condition of the spot and the fire pit? If so, walk away with peace in your mind. Thanks for all You do! God Bless!

  6. Oh this is such a magical place! And there's you casually hauling a bloody great big tree on top of the other tree (3.45 ish) 💪 wow …
    I love this camp so much. It was very interesting to see you use the fungus tinder that you processed before. The camera angles, sound and editing on this vid were awesome. thanks for taking us along, T … stay safe🔥😍🥰

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