Winter Camping, Russian Tent Hammock, Mountaineering backpack, Jerven Fjellduken, Steak

Solo overnight winter camping in the woods with modern military surplus gear. I cook ribeye steak for dinner on my campfire and bake bannock bread in the morning with my cowboy coffee.

My gear for this trip:

Russian Mountaineering 100L Pack

Russian Special Forces Tent Hammock

Partizan M dual camo suit

Gear I Use

Plash Palatka
Russian Special Forces Tent Hammock
Russian Special Forces Tent
Ratnik Shelter
XL Russian Poncho Tent EMR
-all from Russian Cold Camo

Aqua Quest 10×10 Defender Tarp
Polish Lavvu
French F1 Tent
Jerven Fjellduken Hunter (Norwegian Military multi-use item)
POMOLY YARN Canvas Tepee
POMOLY FORT Canvas Baker Tent

Old Hickory Butcher Knife (kephart mod)
Mora HD Carbon
Tops Tom Brown Tracker 1
Tops Fieldcraft
Skrama 240

Kubey Flip Folder KB117

Silky Gomboy
Bucksaw (no name)

Outdoor Clothing-
Russian Gorka 3 (demi season)
Gorka 3 Fleece A-TACS camo (winter)
Gorka E Summer
Layer 5 Demi Season Suit
Russian Fur Suit (extreme cold weather)
Ratnik Suit
Sumrak Suit
VKBO Summer Suit
FSB Drug Control Summer Suit
Partizan M (fall/spring camouflage suit)

-all from Russian Cold Camo

Swiss M70 Jacket
Swiss M70 Pants
-Swiss Alpenflage red dominant camo. Excellent fall camo

Wool Anorak
-self made from wool blankets and lined with fleece

Fire Plugs (7 minute burn time. Awesome)
-from Bigfoot Bushcraft
Coupon Code for 20% off — ENDURANCE

Sleeping Gear:
Kelty Zero Degree Bag
USGI Field Bag
Wool Blankets
USGI Korean War Bivvy
Jerven Fjellduken Hunter
Klymit Insulated Sleep Pad

Raid backpack 60-80L
Bober backpack 25L
Savotta Jakaari M 30L
ALICE Medium and Large
French F1
7Liter Combat Backpack

TS2 Lantern/Battery charger (excellent)

1L Titanium Kettle

#camping #wilderness #snow

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  1. Beautiful prints on all that gear. My Cold vs Wet debate….I hate being cold but I hate more being cold and wet😂😂😂. Unfortunately in a real SHTF sitch, we have no say about the weather. I just 🙏 we go RD in the summertime… Killer gear here. Loved the camera work. Very fluid pacing/storytelling. D😎🇺🇸

  2. Awesome Jess, you finally got some snow! Great campout and that you can use your hammock as a ground tent also. I was wondering why you put your Grabber blanket shiny side down? I thought you were supposed to put the shiny side up to reflect your body heat. Also wondering how the MSS Intermediate bag did by itself? I have the MSS sleep system also. I used that bag plus the Patrol bag on an early spring camping trip and that worked well. I know that it's supposed to be good alone for 10 degrees and below zero temps if I remember right. Did it keep you warm enough? Have a great Thanksgiving.👍⛺🔥🍖

  3. Good Evening Jess ..
    That was a good one 👍 with a pretty effective-looking camp setup.
    Winter brings it's challenges .. but with it, the resultant rewards. A fat broth like you had goes a long way in keeping the internal fire going during a cold night.
    Speaking of Bannock .. I had some yesterday with a Potato Soup made on my Bushbox LF SS .. yumm .. although still not Ribeye 😊. Have some leftover dough skulking in the fridge (I often make up mine beforehand .. gives the baking powder time to do it's thing) .. skulking in the fridge that I'll decide it's fate tomorrow 😏.
    Thanks for sharing .. until next time, take care .. Tommy

  4. I’m sure that jerven is warm and functional, but it reminds of the scene from “spies like us” when Chevy chase and Dan Akroid dress up in those white suits and Christmas light. Crazy how its cold and snowy there and it’s sunny and warm here- I’m only few hundred miles from ya lol. Loved the video bro.

  5. I had a 100 liter pack once, downsized to an 80. Even with the harsh weather we can have here in Alberta I was hard pressed to fill it up, but being a smaller fellow I could have almost used it as a shelter!

  6. Outstanding. Going to look around for you a bigger pack . I feel sure someone makes a 200 liter 😁. Nice pack though. What was the baggy suit ? Looks like perfect weather there . Have a great evening

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