LIVING OFF GRID — building a log cabin, project for new houses in the wilderness, OFF GRID Ep.21

LIVING OFF GRID — building a log cabin, project for new houses in the wilderness, OFF GRID Ep.21

#anabushcraft #offgrid #logcabin #solobushcraft #wilderness

Ana’s life is getting better and better, after tiring working hours is time to relax. Ana’s uses naturally available ingredients and makes dishes that are delicious and enjoyable to enjoy. Today Ana prepared an empty plot to prepare to build another house and the toilet project is being completed. Ana is building on what’s missing at this place. Hope you will enjoy Ana’s works. Hope you will always support Ana in the future. See you in the next videos on Ana Bushcraft channel.

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  1. After Ana's completes the main house, Ana will build additional houses such as bathrooms, toilets, storage, ovens. . . It seems Ana has a lot of work ahead and plans for new projects here. Hope you will always support Ana's work. Please leave your comments about these jobs. Thank you guys, thank you very much.

  2. 素晴らしい✨山の中でのキャンプ(*^-^*)💕ハウス🏠自分で造り、素晴らしいです💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
    私は、あなたの動画が大好きです⤴️.+:。 ヾ(◎´∀`◎)ノ 。:+.💕

  3. I like to watch this Chanel because the sound of natural make me so relax and happy, I just wonder if you really leave in the there, because how do you get internet and be able to do those film? I dint know much about this kind of Chanel’s but I like it, I s so beautiful that place son peacefully I love it . I can imagine be just a nice place to relax .

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  5. So… she's cute and hard-working? While watching her dig the pit, I was thinking 'Hm. What's this for? Storage? Water? And then when she made the hole in the wood, I was like 'ooooooohhhhh… THAT'S what she's making' and then chuckled. And then at 36:20 with the big smile and thumb's up, it made me smile too. lol.

  6. Bác ở Mỹ rất thèm cá suối để kho với nghệ mà không bao giờ có được nếu có đi nữa là cái suối đông lạnh , khổ lắm, ở quê hương mình cái gì cũng ngon cả . Bác mong bớt dịch để về VN thăm gia đình đây …

  7. Cải bẹ xanh cháu trồng tốt Oganic vậy ăn rất an toàn , cháu phơi rồi đem muối chua hết kỵ luôn , ngon lắm Ana ơi . Ồ cá suối cháu ướp nghệ kho trong ống tre thì còn gì bằng nữa ..

  8. Chào cháu Ana một ngày mới vui khỏe và an toàn nhé ! Đúng rồi cháu phải dời mấy cây, ván ra chỗ khác chứ để gần nhà ở trong rừng rắn ,
    rít dễ làm nơi trú ẩn rất nguy hiểm cho cháu sống một mình như thế này , Cô rất yên tâm …

  9. I'm unsubscribing. I have no respect for people who force their dog to sleep outside in a dog house—as if the dog isn't good enough to sleep inside your house with you.

  10. I enjoy watching Ana's videos a lot. She works pretty hard, but she's a very smart worker too. She need a tip jar, and to send me her recipe for that fermented lettuce she jars. I like to cook as much as I like to build things.

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