Beginners bushcraft kit comparison camp.

A follow on from the budget stealth camp for beginners and a look at different kit for different budgets and what I think the advantages of each are.
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a few links to products on amazon.
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g shock stove
ridgemonkey plate set
toast maker pan
jetboil cooksystem
DD hammock tarp
mora knife
budget torch
DPM Basha
copy of british army burgeon

kit i use to make the vids.

main camera


i mac

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  1. The basha (tarp camping) and the hammock system are my favorite forms of camping. The DD 3 x 3 meter multicam would be great. I have the 4 x 4 meter (14' x14'). I love it! Great set ups.
    Try an asym hammock for flat sleeping.

  2. Love your videos, I am interested in building a trailer to a similar spec to the one you made for Stu, would you be interested in making another for me. I only need it to the frame construction stage. I feel confident to attempt the rest.

  3. When war happens here and some survive (UK) we'l struggle seeking out locations, being an overcrowded Island,spending alot of journey time seeking stealth areas,maybe you know many places,what if many got there before you ? Etc, just food for thought for when S REALLY hits the fan,and it will.!

  4. Hi Rich hope your safe n well just wanted to say a great video I've pinched it to use as a lesson for my cadets as it's a fantastic explanation of the subject
    Thank goodness for you tube and your channel impaticuler

    All the best

  5. Takes a couple of trips to find out what you need and what you don't. Don't forget a notebook to jot down ideas. You will forget by the time you get home. Go over your list and cross out some things you didn't use.

  6. What a brilliant video, constantly telling us where to buy and how much. Then live demos of the two set ups including pros and cons. Your obviously a man with massive knowledge and experience who is happy to share with others. Thank you. Priceless..

  7. Hi mate, I’m a sign maker for a living. If you need any stickers / graphics for your truck let me know. After the hours of watching I’m happy to do it for it for free… let me know and I will send you my email address. Phil

  8. For a chair, check out the Vango "Kraken", fold up canvas / ali frame with arm rests, I'm a big lad, with a bit on you (30 st) and it holds me fine, not low and with a decent back. not the lightest nor the smallest, but it comes with a bag and you have a van.
    When I have a gastric attack (and need to sit upright), I can sleep in mine and still be in it in the morning, with the arms stopping you from sliding sideways and dismounting

  9. A well made, down to earth video, well done. Is there a reason that you don't consider cooking with alcohol? The whole issue of fancy, expensive torches amuses me. I don't see the need for something that is brighter than Ardnamurchan lighthouse and can send the lyrics of 'Yankee doodle dandy' in Morse code. Enough of my rambling, all the best.

  10. Great video. Thanks for the comparison. Watched your stealth camp video and as a result bought an ex-army artic sleeping bag at Billing and today bought a basha. Going up to Tan Hill this weekend to try it out. Think your going as well according to the FB group. Looking forward to it!
    In regards to chairs, I've had the same as you until someone tipped me over in it and broke it. Loved that chair. A lot of my friends have OZ-TENT chairs and love them. I've seated in them a few times and swear they're comfier than my sofa at home. Can be expensive though. Good quality.

  11. Great vid thanks for sharing, cant beat military surplus .As for the truck you could try airbrushing the back doors first if you can get an all season paint job and drive it into a few bushes just to see how it blends in before committing ? just a thought . All the best looking forward to your next vid cheers..

  12. I went out bought all ridge monkey kit The water container leaked through the large cap and the quad stove wouldn’t light but that turned out too be the both gas canisters Ridge monkey I don’t think is that good

  13. Fried spam, haven't had that since jesus was a boy. That's me off to the shops 😂
    Been scanning flea Bay for those two gas cookers that joined together, any chance of a link please mate 🤞
    Hammocks wouldn't work for me either, I need to roll when I sleep.

  14. Great episode Rich lad. Liking the new intro, smooth and uplifting tune. Regarding the chair, as you are the same height as me, similar build, i reckon the chair you want is the Darche DCT33 Camping Chair. Fold our chair, high on the shoulders, padded lower back and side fold up table with drop pouch for shades, phone, stubby holder and playing cards. RRP here is $85 AUD, whats that, 40 quid i suppose?. Enjoyed that mate. Cheers Mooster. p.s. Camo for sure. lol.

  15. 'Far end of the scale'… Yay Edna …
    Where , the buggeration was the credit for Edna.
    Bless her little rubber socks.

    Once again . Top marks, here . Great vid.
    The simple statements as about hanging your bergen and not needing to bend and grovel for access, huge value advice there, and I don't think I have ever heard that said in anyone elses youtube vids.
    So , overdue.
    You are stating things loads of others would assume don't need saying.
    I am pretty sure I would just take many of them for granted and miss a trick stating them .
    Extra Brownie points, there .
    ref' your skinny trees bending, you could run a line/strap round the cluster of skinny trees so the outer ones pull against the inners you double-lash to. That way you can trick the sneaky hammock into thinking there's a thicker tree involved. Bit like the bundle of arrows/stick idea.

  16. Nice one Rich, brilliant content and editing as usual. Maglites used to be the go for torch in my shooting days I suppose it was the Yank police connection. I'm tempted to get a ridge monkey to use indoors, what a great bit of kit. Go for the airbrush finish mate, the landy will look awsome. Good luck and good hunting

  17. Rich. The camo airbrush paint job sounds great. As you say if it does not look as good as you hope you can just overspray it. Perhaps a satin finish in the olive green would look good? Great video as usual. Looking forward to the next one !!

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