Continuing The Build Alone…

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Erin continues the build alone while Josh is sidelined with an injury.

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We are a couple who are building our own home from the ground up in the mountains of West Virginia. After living near the city our entire lives we finally decided to sell it all, pack up our 3 kids and live in an RV on our 73 acres while building our own debt free, off-grid house and learning to live a more self-reliant life.
Our house build is documented entirely on our main channel «Wild Wonderful Off-Grid» and our family life vlogs can be found on our secondary channel «Wild Wonderful After Show»

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  1. I have also followed your channel since close to the beginning. This is the first time i am commenting because just Wow, Erin you ARE SUPERWOMAN.

    I cannot imagine the effort needed to tend to the farm, teach the kids, housework, AND building all at the same time. Oh, and maybe nursing Josh as well. Definitely great foresight on your part to have Erin learn to use all the equipment. Also nice to see the boys (or should I say young men) stepping to help.

    Your family is a great inspiration to us all!

  2. Josh i feel for you my friend when i was in high school i broke two of my Ribs when i was on the wrestling team. Man it was hard to breath because of the pain. I hope the Doctor gave you some good pain meds and get well soon. My friend uour in my prayers.

  3. Pretty sure everyone here will agree with me when I say Josh is a lucky man! I'm sire he's probably taught you most of what you know, but you are a beast girl. To push and complete stuff without the MVP, make sure he pats you on the back real good! Hope yall had a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. My buddy got 4 cracked ribs when we were jumped by gang members in LA. We worked heavy construction together, He never missed a day of worked but struggled to breathe. Cracked ribs are no joke. He was miserable for quite some time. I felt terrible for him.

  5. I have tried to buy some merchandise from y’all and have not been successful! I’m old 60, I love y’all’s channel. I guess I need help but I’ve spent an hour trying and it shouldn’t be this hard. Sorry just saying. I trying real hard not to be a Kevin here! 🤣 my problem again love y’all been fun enjoying your adventure! I wished I had the guts to be brave enough to do what y’all have done! Best wishes and prayers your way! And yes I’m from TEXAS! Ha Ha merry Christmas!

  6. My dad got hit by a tire that fell off of a dirt track car and went over the fence into the pits while my dad was in the pits, he has severe back issues and is only 39 years old so it was a big concern when the tire hit his back going aroudn 30 to 40 mph according to the emt that seen it all happened. They took x rays that night at the hospital and he only had 4 broken ribs and that was it, the doc was very shocked that, that was the only thing that broke. It’s been around a month and a half know since then and he can only life 40 pounds according to his doc but anything above 50 pounds ish hurts to much to lift. It’s a long recovery and the first week hurts the most but Itle get better. Hope he gets better soon

  7. Здравствуйте Вам! Подписался на Вас и много лет смотрю как Вы строите свой красивый дом при этом такую любовь и доброту! Вы супер!!! Пишу первый раз. Что случилось хозяином?!

  8. " Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. "
    Erin your whole family epitomise that Prayer just by the way you live.
    As a 60yr old that lost his Father to cancer when I was 14, I know full well the meaning " the show/life must go on " thing.
    The important lesson here is appreciate people when they are alive and not after…………
    As parents you guys are awesome role models.
    Best wishes to all and hope Josh gets well soon…….

  9. Get well soon Josh. As you know you have a Fantastic Wife and Great Kids, and they will, Maybe slower, but will get the job done. Also don't be afraid to ask your friends for assistance, as now you'll find out who your Friends really are! 😁

  10. Josh, Erin really has some good zingers on you especially on the generator installation video that I just watched it was funny hearing Erin pick at you
    Hope your doing well after your accident and happy holidays too your family

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