4 Days Winter Bushcraft Hike — FIRST SNOW — Canvas Poncho Shelter

Out hiking 4 days with the Lavvu shelter half. Last night was really cold and had to wake up and redo the hot water bottle in sleeping bag thing twice. Time to change sleeping bag ;). Really nice to do a bit longer hike after all the canoeing..haven’t done some real tramping since forever. The mountain pack from Norway held up really good in combo with a rain cover. It’s compact and sturdy. Really beneficial when the terrain is hard. And I don’t know if its just me being crazy for vintage military gear… It’s eye candy❤️. I have nothing to say about my beloved polish lavvu… other than: it never fails. Year after year. Untreated piece of canvas. Heck… let’s put in my will to be wrapped and buried in it when the day comes😄. Yes, cutlery is something I have lost a lot in the wild. That is why I initially started to make videos here carving forks etc. I never lost a ferro rod. And no knife I can remember right now. But a lot of sporks in all valors. I have to find some new system for it. Thanks for watching.

..about the snow. Wait for it.

gear list: Norwegian mountain pack, Hultafors Åby axe, mora 120, mora Kansbol, Biltema kettle, vintage US acme pan, light my fire army fire steel 2.0, Carinthia tropen bag (way to cold for it), DD magic carpet, Thermarest neo air xtherm sleeping pad. Fjällräven singi jacket. Lundhags vandra high boots.

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  1. It is strange how in Finnish language laavu means a lean to shelter and in Sámi language it means a teepee like structure. Is there a Swedish word for lean to shelter or do you call it laavu (or lavvu) also?😅

  2. May God bless you, my Swedish brother. This is just what I needed to see this morning, something calming and tranquil. I watched the video while I was eating MY western cheese omelette and several rashers of bacon. The improvised fork was very good. The "do-it-yourself" saw is also very ingenious. You have quite changable weather in Sweden. But I guess that is normal for this time of the year. A couple of weeks ago here it was 24C, and a night later the low was -6C. Thank you for another great video. Cheers!

  3. Fantastisk video ! The best bushcraft cannel on you tube…..by far !! Jeg lurer pa hvorfor tok du ikke med den andere delen av lavvu'n ? For mye a beare pa kanskje ? De blir ganske tunge nar de blir vat. Jeg har en nummer 1 ( har provd en stund a finne en nummer 3 men ikke lykkes enna )

  4. The "person" yelling probably did sneak up on you to get a closer look but ran off, never to return, after seeing you tearing into that meat…don't get me wrong, it looked really good.

  5. I love your videos for many reasons. I love the fact that your mouth does not run like a whippoor-will's ass. That you just enjoy camping and bring us in with the vicarious experience. I fast forward past the woodworking classes, though..

  6. The escape and serenity your videos provide are truly welcomed. Reminds me of years past when I used to go hunting in the Adirondacks in New York. Truth be told I never caught anything as I just enjoyed the outdoors.

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