BUILDING A FORT IN THE WOODS — Major Repair on Back Wall, Preparing for Winter, Large Fire Inside.

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Welcome back to the Fort in the Woods, where I have been building this fort over the past 3 years in the winter seasons.
In this episode I return to the fort in the woods for the first time this season.
I have to do a major repair on the back wall, as it has fallen, I prepare for winter by beefing up the fort and I Build a large warming/cooking fire inside the fort so I can cook a large lunch over the fire.
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Joe Robinet


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  1. Hey Joe, I enjoyed this video immensely and I enjoy whatever adventure you take us on except for the camp near the water. Didn't care for it much. You do whatever you want to do. The people who gripe, they don't have to watch, you have a great audience.

  2. I love watching you’re videos especially because it’s just not a lot of one thing like you talk just enough to where it gets boring and you don’t just build you talk in between you have a great mix of both personality I really do like these fort videos but once and a while I do like when you go out with friends or with your kids I mean your having fun and I’m having fun watching keep it up👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. What you’re doing right now makes a lot of sense to me. Bushcraft in winter, adventure in summer. BTW this past summer had some awesome content! And you seem to mix in the right amount of miscellaneous videos too.

    I enjoy your channel. As someone else in this thread said — it’s not so much what you’re doing, its the way you’re doing it. Chill, down to Earth, and an easy watch. I watch your videos as I’m settling in for bed because of the calming nature vibe. Keep it up dude.

    You got a steady viewer from me here in Atlanta. (BTW you’d love the Appalachian mountains)

  4. Your canoe camping trips are my favorite. The scenery, and being out in the elements is amazing. I do my best to watch every video you release, and enjoy all the content you put out for the most part. You live in a beautiful area, and I am happy that you can make a living doing what you love.

    All of the best to you and your family Joe.

  5. Joe, absolutely LOVE your content. But dude, your dog needs to chill! If he is constantly in and out of frame, blocking shots and causing general mayhem…leave him at home! The white dog….that’s the one you need!

  6. Joe, I love all your videos. Love that they change through the seasons and that you continue doing what you love, and while alliwing us to come along. I look forward to every one! Here's to many more years!

  7. Been watching you for years Joe, and I love that you switch things up! Do what you enjoy and we’ll be here to enjoy alongside with ya. Have a blessed day and thank you for all that you do to bring us your content!!
    P.S. seeing Beauty sit there nicely by your side waiting patiently and hearing tripper freak out over logs and run around barely missing the camera just cracks me up🤣 He is very lucky to have such a great (and patient) dad. 💕

  8. I don't mind canoe trips. Anything you post would be great.
    I like your live at home, like the time you were doing dishes and talking to us.
    To me, what makes your videos is you talk to us like we were there.
    Like Line Wolf would be better if he shared more and when it gets dark, he shuts the camera off. I have commented about it on his videos and told him to refer to your videos to understand what I mean. And I don't think I'm alone in my thinking.
    Anyway, thanks for making your videos with us in mind.

  9. Been hearing you talk about a Canadian Jam Knot in a lot of your videos, so I finally looked up how to do it… turns out that's how I've been tying my pajama strings for years xD

  10. Newer subscriber, this is the first new upload I'm catching and I'm excited 😀 I've spent probably… 3 days now binging a TON of your old content. I loooove this, it's incredibly inspiring and it makes me want SO BADLY to connect to nature and get out there and do something like this

  11. Holy suit dude, don't listen to these assholes who don't like the canoe trips. I literally learnt the word portage from you and those adventure vids are my favourites. Keep switching, keep exploring, do what makes you happy and we will feed off your positivity. Keep being you dude!!

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