OFF GRID LIVING: When you are alone in the forest and the danger of crocodiles.

OFF GRID LIVING: When you are alone in the forest and the danger of crocodiles.
hi my friends. I am very sad and worried today, I feel scared when one day I go down to town to get building materials and when I come back to the farm it is a scene that makes me fall. someone has intentionally vandalized my farm and belongings. I do not know what to do anymore. I feel afraid….!!

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Anh Bushcraft


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  1. This is awful! How do crocodiles start fires?
    Be like the insects called ants. Their homes get damaged and they find an make new homes.
    Find a place higher and a little further away from the water.
    I know you can make a better home.
    Good luck! Love from Georgia in USA❤

  2. This is gross!!!😕😠and a very sad moment for me too! What a waste. When someone like you trying hard for your farm and end up like this. Who ever did this will have BAD CARMA all thier lives from now on… Be strong Anh, and be safe always.

  3. For those who have used this land, even marginally, did they find your behavior unacceptable? People are so lonely. Instead of becoming richer , they become more stingy and fussy. Even if you leave this land, let this incident help you grow in your mind. The ocean is not polluted by swallowing muddy water. "Giữ nó lên! Anh!"

  4. Anh, I feel bad for your loss, but don't cry because your crying will give more satisfaction to the cowards that did this to you. Hold your head high and move on. Start anew to let them know that you are not intimidated by them. This is not vandalism. This is a crime of arson that must be reported to the police and punish those responsible. At your new location, please have an attack dog with you at all times and install a hidden cctv and turn it on whenever you keave your property. Warm regards and my very best wishes to you. Is there some way I can help you recover your loss.monetarily?

  5. Hallo ANH I'm so sorry 😔 what happened but I know you will pick your self up and with our support you can rebuild your house and continue your adventure be strong all my wishes to you 😃❤️🙏🌹😘

  6. It’s okay don’t be up sadly safe for your life everything in for the forest!! Paideia standup and going’s home anything waiting for you beautiful more in your future honey don’t been there’s danger I love ❤️ you listen me ! Good luck 🌹🌹🙏🇺🇸

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