Polish Lavvu V’s Tarp Tent — WHICH ONE WOULD YOU CHOOSE? | Bushcraft Gear | Tarpology | DD Hammock

Comparing the Polish Lavvu and DD Hammock Tarp to help you decide which one is best for winter camping.

Includes a demonstration of how to sent them up and an introduction to the Honda Knot.

This guy can modify your polish Lavvu to your requirements: https://www.facebook.com/NorthernOutdoorsUk/

Please note: I am not sponsored by the kit companies.

The video and/or the description may contain some affiliate links. This means if you buy one of the products we recommend, we’ll make a small commission which helps us continue to make 100% videos. We never recommend anything we haven’t used or don’t 100% believe in.

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  1. An easy pole hack would be to run some elastic cording through all thenpoles & knotted outside the plastic caps..
    It keeps the pole pieces together, both when folded for carry or extended for use..👍🏻
    Have fun & Happy Holidays..

  2. G,day Nick
    Used a tarp in many configurations over the years , here in AUS. A mozzi net is a must, here we have to contend with sand flies , mozzies and ordinary flies in their Millions.
    Used a Honda knot for years , never new its name, Thanks!!.Use to use my rifle (unloaded) as a centre pole overnighting. Don't shoot much nowdays . looking forward to your next video. All the best. Bluey.

  3. Good stuff…..around here (Kansas, USA) I use a seek outside floorless & stove for winter…..Cimarron & medium titanium stove. Spacious shelter for one guy..just under 6#…or 2.6 kilos. Stove to heat up the shelter and dry off clothes adds another dimension. Have a good holiday season, everyone!

  4. If you do “Pimp My Lavvu” (video title for you!) then please let us have a look at the end result.
    Wouldn’t want to be dragging wet canvas around out here in the tropics so a synthetic tarp is the go. Still need to get used to my hammock as sleeping of the ground also makes sense here that said a tarp tent is always handy, not least for a checkpoint setup on the rain. I might need to ask Father Christmas for a 4×4 DD tarp… assuming I’m on the “Good Boy List” this year. 🤔

  5. Slice a tennis ball and put it over the head of the walking pole. No sharp angles. Even so tent v's tarp for specific terrain? In the mountains of Scotland tent every time -its the wind driven rain/snow even in summer. Sandwood Bay in a storm, tarp blown away, but on a beautiful calm summer evening nothing better than a tarp. McIntyre

  6. Curious how the tarp setup would work with a square tarp. I have the 10×10 Aquaquest Defender, which kept me dry on a day trip yesterday in the typical NW Washington fall weather. Curious if the square configuration would work.

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