Ten Ways To Purify Water For Drinking In The Backcountry For Bushcraft, Camping, or Survival

Getting clean drinking water out in the back woods is second only in priority to the need for shelter. As such, it’s important to know several ways to purify even the nastiest water you find—from storebought options to options using nothing more than mother nature has to offer.

In a hurry? Here’s the quick list:
10. Water Filter (Store Bought)
9. Water Purification Tablets
8. UV Lamp
7. Bleach & Household Chemicals
6. Boiling
5. UV Exposure (Sunlight)
4. Rock Boiling
3. Water Filter (DIY)
2. Transpiration/Perspiration
1. Solar Still

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  1. THIS IS SO AMAZING AND AWESOME♥♥♥♥Ive gone camping probally like 20 times but they have water and drinking eater ect (and lol they do teach this there too and my dad taught us this too some of these boiling manly) but this is so cool I just wanna try some of these just to try 🙂 your amazing and thank you for makign this

  2. Transpiration and the improvised solar stills are no longer really recommended because of the time it takes vs the amount of water you get. If it's all you got that's one thing but it takes a lot of resource investment to sustain one person.

  3. While hiking literally so far into the woods we were over 24 hours brisk walk to the nearest other human. I insisted on being in charge of water because I was picky. I boiled for 10 minutes, strained and cooled each day for 4 college guys. The first day I finished our city water until it was gone and stored more at our car so when we returned I could drink good water again right away. After a week when we got back, the city water wasn't at as pleasant and I ended up finishing the lake water because it just tasted far better. We had no worries of serious metal or chemical contamination, but if not certain, using a berky type filter to complete the system especially if you're in one place for an extended time. A little mercury or lead won't kill you in a week, but over a year… yeah, better safe than sorry if the source hasn't been tested for metals.

  4. Collecting rain water and boiling that is most likely the safest and true ways to get the best water ! Just have to collect a good amount of it , because sometimes it dont rain for weeks !

  5. The elitist have a war on the sun, their aim is to shade the sun and make an artificial world ran by them. Don't believe this climate change non sense, Our Creator gave us everything we need to grow, including the wonderful sun, its them manipulating the weather. you may also get the toxins from the plastic when heated.

  6. I made the bottle one for a school project about 25 years ago & it’s always stayed in my mind. You never know what situation you might come across. I think these alternative means of filtration are important to know. Thank you.

  7. filtering water via sand/charcoal etc, its filtered not drinking, you still have to treat it for germs/ bacteria.. tablets, boiling etc.. also pottasium permanganate.. will treat water, only need a little bit (enough to turn the water pink)

  8. another way is next to a body of water is make a hole (in dirt or clay not rock ,shell, or other earth) below the water table, make sure no top soil falls in, and let settle. what is in the whole is safe to drink and naturally will have a dirt taste and look but, is safe to drink.

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