2 Night Aussie Bushcraft Canoe Trip

G’Day viewers!

Join me as I take my Old Town canoe out and spend two nights wild camping on a beautiful Australian lake. I practice some bushcraft by building a cool new tarp shelter, go on the hunt for some bush tucker, give the fishing another go and just enjoy the beautiful autumn weather.

Hopefully you guys don’t mind a long-ish video. It was such an awesome trip that it was hard for me to cut it back.

Hope you all enjoy it.

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  1. When referring to the places where the Aboriginals co.e from. It's not country. It's a tribe. But thank you for you acknowledgement. Your bread. Place a damp paper towel in a zip lock bag with your bread. Or wrap it up in a damp t- towel.

  2. Hi Scott from Seattle Washington USA. As always love your videos. Like the long ones also. Haven't seen this one. It's 2 years old now. Congrats on your love and many happy years. Cheers mate.

  3. One good way to keep bread fresh in the bush is to wrap it tightly in a brown paper bag, and then seal this bag in a plastic Ziploc bag, pushing out as much of the air as possible before sealing. It's not the most environmentally friendly approach, but it works (you can re-use both the paper and the plastic bags, so there is that.) The plastic bag and the near vaccum prevents the bread from going stale, while the brown paper between the plastic bag and your bread keeps the bread from getting soggy due to condensation. Adding a short serrated bread knife does wonders for your kit, at least if you plan on bringing out bread that you will use in a sandwich form. Finally, simple placement of your bread at the top of your bag, or in an outer pocket that isn't going to be cinched tightly by straps, is a good way to keep your bread from getting crushed. Cheers.

  4. I’ve been watching your videos and I really love how you capture the video and moments. You have a knack for imagery. I lived in Melbourne for 1 year and I loved e your country. Keep up the hard work! You are such a humble person. Just one question? What kind of gin and tonic do use?

  5. hello from America, been watching all i can get, just a recommendation for your tortillas try heating them for 10 seconds each side then fill them up, keep up the good work and really do enjoy watching you and your walk abouts.

  6. I absolutely love the vlogs mate. Quality content. One thing I keep noticing is the transition music is WAY louder than the regular volume of the video. I'm not sure if this is just me, I have tried messing with some audio settings on my end and its still pretty loud. I love watching these videos at night when I'm winding down, but I find myself constantly adjusting the volume every time the music comes on, and I end up missing what Scotty has to say because I turned the volume so far down for the music!!

    Keep it up mate, Thank you for the countless hours of entertainment.

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