3 Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm When Camping: How to Warm Your Toes, Cold Feet When Camping

Want some heavy wool socks???


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  1. 1. Buy your winter boots a couple sizes "too big" and then wear layers of loose wool socks. Make sure your feet and especially your toes have wriggle room. (PRACTICE WALKING IN THEM, because that extra size-up means you'll feel like you're wearing clown shoes.) 2. GET ACTUAL INSULATION IN YOUR BOOTS, 1" (2.5cm) AFTER COMPRESSION, including the soles! The toebox of your selected boot should NOT be narrow or shallow; it should be high and moonboot-like. The sole needs to be at least an inch thick after it's squished under your weight or cinched in by straps or laces (but not too tightly). This can be achieved by liners, but again, you'll need bigger boots, and DO PRACTICE walking in them before going out into the woods! (Nothing ruins your day like tripping & breaking or impaling something, trust me.)

    Don't go with any boot that claims to be "high tech warmth" yet looks & acts no thicker than a pair of sneakers or a pair of UGGs. And DON'T rely on electrically or chemically warmed shoes! Your batteries might not work in really cold weather! Or the electrical mechanism could break. Chemical warmers will run out of fuel or chemical interaction oomphf, or they could burst open, and thermal ones could literally burn you and/or your footwear. So long as you have water to drink (hydrate in winter; it helps you burn fat & keep warm!!) and food for fresh calories, if your clothing & footwear are thick enough with passive insulation properties, you WILL survive!

  2. Instead of metal bottle…. I prefer carrying "Rubber Hot Water bottle"… … Easy to carry, can place anywhere closest to your body… Tested since ages in India 🇮🇳.. works wonderfully.

  3. The video mentions putting the bottle in something else if you don't have spare socks. If someone didn't bring spare socks then thats already a problem. Even in winter, socks have to be changed and dried. Walk enough and no matter how cold it is, your socks will be damp or wet.

    Dry socks and foot powder, no matter the weather, are a must.

  4. I used the water trick when I could while in the Marines. If we had access to hot water then I'd fill my canteens full of hot water and sleep with one at my feet and the other I would "snuggle" like the guy showed. When I'm camping I'll find a rock or two that's kinda flat, about 6 or so inches in diameter and about an inch or so think. I'll set it up at the edge of the fire for a while. Then once I'm getting into bed I'll wrap it up in something like a towel or my extra layers. Then put it at my feet. Just don't be stupid and get burned! In boot camp I learned to keep my clothes in the sleeping system with me. Roll them up (like a cigarette) instead of wadding them so they'll fit better. It beats putting on cold clotheswhen you get out. I kept my cover over my boots too to keep stuff out. And right before I put my boots on I would blow real hard into the boots. Maybe it's in my head, but I swear it kinda breaks the chill inside the boots.

  5. Great tips. In addition to wearing loose fitting socks, I make sure that I pull the socks a couple of inches away from my toes so they have plenty of wiggle room. I was amazed at how much difference that made.

  6. Excellent content as always! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I am so thankful that I am hot blooded lol! I have back to Alaska since 1989 and participate in activities all year round winter/summer. I wear just a long sleeve flannel as a jacket during the winter months. I do keep my extreme cold weather gear in my truck just in case of breakdowns. My boots are from Northern Outfitters. Outer shell with booties. When done for the day, simply remove the shells and place outside shelter and wear the booties into the shelter. Take them off before getting into sleeping bag. Good to -60F for several hours. Longest I was in them was 12 hours outdoors 150 miles north of Fairbanks Alaska, -30F ambient with constant 28 MPH wind. Always a fun time here in the land of ice and snow! 🥶☕️😎

  7. @Coalcracker Bushcraft — I must warn you, having your feet towards the fire while good in practice, do make sure that the rubber in your boots can handle the heat. I actually melted the soles on my boots doing just that (sitting too close to the fire to stay warm). Squishy soles make for interesting treks in the woods.

  8. I’ve done this by pouring boiled water into a Nalgene bottle before I had metal water bottles I could boil in. It kept the char out of my sleeping bag and kept me warm. Best of all I didn’t have to thaw my water and wait long for morning coffee.

  9. I used that water bottle trick on a recent trip. I have a puffer vest that i also wrapped the bottle in.
    Sounds counter intuative but since you are warmest when you go to bed, and coolest in the early morning, it makes sense to slow down that heat transfer as much as you can.
    It will still warm up your feet/chest under you sleeping bag, just slower.
    Then when you wake up in the night a bit cold, you can put on the vest and the hot water bottle still has plenty of heat.

  10. Before hitting the sack, take a DRY towel and DRY your feet… being sure to get in-between your toes. That's where the sweat likes to hide. Maybe dust with some talc too; personally I don't. THEN put on those loose fitting socks and do the water bottle trick.

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