OFF GRID LIVING: Camping — Clearing Weeds. Setting Up New Life / Anh Bushcraft.

OFF GRID LIVING: Camping — Clearing Weeds. Setting Up New Life / Anh Bushcraft.
Hi bestfriend. Today I found the new land they transferred to me. this is quite rocky and weedy land, i will clean the grass, and i will build the farm and set up everything from scratch. Thank you for following and encouraging me. I love you guys.

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Anh Bushcraft


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  1. A chào e.Thoa nhé a thấy e làm nghề này thật vất vả cho e quá.Thoa ơi, vì e cứ đi nhiều nơi & e ăn gió nằm sương như vậy thật là khó khăn & khổ cực quá e ơi, a cảm ơn e.Thoa nhiều lắm vì e đã chia sẻ clip hay .👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍💝❤️❤️❤️💝👍💐💐💐💐💐👍👏👏👏👏👏👍💋💋💋💋💋👍 .

  2. Здравствуйте прекрасная девушка я рад что ты не падаешь духом я верю что ты построишь большую красивую ферму а за старой не жалей думай о будущем и будь всегда красивой и счастливой

  3. Você é maior e mais forte que tudo. Se foi alguém pra fazer maldade : a vida se encarrega de retribuir em dobro.pois tudo que se faz recebe.guarde seu coração e mostre que você tem um ser maior que te proteja.felicidade

  4. Hi Anh, my charming friend. I'm so happy to see you active again. Keep it up. I support you all the time my dear. Be always happy, safe and healthy. See you in next videos. Love and kisses 🤗😙😘💋💋💋💖💖💖😍😍😍

  5. Hello Anh,as I know everybody hope to see your video again, it's very happy to see you coming back to start again your new life ,what I worry is is there any stream near your shelter, it's very important for survival, other things can start step by step, washing you got great health and fresh, and request your camera man help to get more tools and food firstly, that's what I'm worry about you ,pls take good care of yourself 👍 🙏 😊

  6. To me, it seems like water availability is the problem. What about water-loving crops like bananas and taro? I see that you have found a water source. I don't see any bamboo, etc., and I'm worried about local procurement of materials. The layer of soil also seems to be thin. Do you bring your dog with you when you are ready to go? In the mountains, dogs and photographers are your best friends.

  7. Милая девушка,слава богу ты жива и решила дальше продолжать как там у вас проект , жаль конечно ты столько труда вложила , но надеюсь ты на новом месте сделаешь ещё лучше чем было, дай бог тебе здоровья, счастья и благополучия

  8. Đừng buồn nữa em, cố lên hãy vượt lên chính mình, câu thiện ác đáu đầu chung hữu báu. anh chút em thành công, quê anh ở Cà Mau, anh luôn dõi theo từng bước đi tiếp theo của em.

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