Sequel to Breath of the Wild at the Game Awards 2021?! (BotW 2)

Nintendo has taken the Game Awards seriously in the past with revealing the first ever shown Gameplay of Breath of the Wild in 2015 and the Champions’ Ballad DLC at Game Awards 2017 while also winning the Game of the Year that year. Both Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto have attended the events as well, along with Reggie Fils-Aimé have all showcased Breath of the Wild at some point at the Game Awards. So will the Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild be shown at the event as well? Geoff Keighley’s tweet has me suspecting exactly that!

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  1. It’s very likely for BOTW 2 to be at the game awards! I hope they show a title and a release date! I’m so excited about this, it’s been on my mind for the last several months lol.

    Here are my title ideas:
    Shadow of The Sky
    Shadow of The Wild
    The Return of The Demon King
    Ganon’s Resurrection
    Ganon’s Return
    The Return of The Zonai

  2. But there will be a great possibility, many of our old games will remastered onto the BotW mainframe to finally finish the legend as the heroes on this sequel will show how to destroy ganondorf once it for all

  3. The official name really can be anything but a guess on a possibility for a name would be The legend of Zelda Rise of Malice or something. Just an idea though. Hopefully they will release the actual title and release date. The suspense is killing me and im so excited and can't wait.

  4. 100%

    I think we can say it’s absolutely gonna be premiered at the awards given that tweet. We haven’t really gotten a world premier proper of BOTW 2, we know this bc we don’t know the title haha if anything, the world premier would be considered when it’s given a title and shown in its finalized for-market version. So idk how anyone else is tryin to argue that one , seems obvious to me lol

  5. I have my hopes SSSSOOO HIGH!!! I hope they don't let me down. Me and my kids have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for botw 2
    Also my guess….. "zelda: the hand of time" lol idk I have no clue🤣 I'm just ready to find out

  6. I think the title will be similar to Breath of the Wild in some way. Most likely, it will be blank of the blank. I do have a different title idea that would be a big surprise. The Legend of Zelda: Return of Demise.

  7. Great video as always, ZM. I personally think information about BOTW 2 will be shown. It'll be a big mistake for Nintendo not to show anything in a big gaming event like the TGA's. They just had to since they said the sequel will be released in 2022 in a Twitter post and a financial report.

    I'm guessing the title will have the word "Demise" since BOTW has so many connections to SS.

  8. Everyone has such good guesses… I have no idea. I'd think something like "return to the sky" (but less cringy lmao) except that title isn't exactly revealing, after the second trailer. If the title is very revealing, then I have no idea whatsoever because it'd be difficult to guess from the trailers so far.

  9. 1 the game didn't even come out yet and it's at at the game awards
    2 and if you put both trailers from e3 2019 and e3 2021 you see how breath of the wild 2 is suppost to happen

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