Volcanic eruption: The situation changed dramatically 371 Earthquakes in 24h. More Magma on the way?

Hello, I’m a Bushcraft Bear and share the latest information about the current volcanic eruption on the island of la palma in my videos. If you would like to support my YouTube channel, you are welcome to do so here: https://paypal.me/benjaminclaussner or Crypto Currency:
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  1. We had an earthquake followed by many tremors about 20 months ago. I could not sleep. It literally made me feel a sense of sea sickness from the small and continual motions underfoot. My prayers for you and all the people on your island.

  2. If one views the video Minute by Minute/The eruption of Mt.St.Helens you may realize that islanders should be evacuating before it is too late. Once a major eruption and landslide occurs, the 80000 people on the island may regret being near it….Why don't people leave until the end comes? Watch the video and see for yourself…

  3. Someone else is reporting 400 earthquakes within the last 24 hours… wow, that thing is really getting much more intensified! And The channel "Gutntog" has fantastic, very close footage if anyone wants to go look at his coverage. Plus he does a whole lot of videos every day.. about 8 or more a day. You will all love his channel. He lives in Iceland, but is back on La Palma again!! God bless everyone, stay safe!! ❤💜❤💜❤💜👍🏻👍🏻✝️🙏🕊

  4. If it wasn't for Bushcraft Bear and a few other video journalist, the world really wouldn't know the status of this situation!! Thank you Bushcraft Bear for what you are doing. We pray for you to stay safe as you do for us.

  5. NZ gets a lot of earthquakes daily. We do not take a lot of notice as they are a common occurance until they are magnitude 5+ and shallow. A volcano in NZ will erupt once every 10 years(2019 White Island eruption killing 47 people) and you will get an increase in seismic activity along the Australian and Pacific plates before/during and after the eruption.

  6. Coming to you from Ontario, Canad. I have followed you from the beginning and need to thank you for your faithful and consistent updates. I can not even imagine the range of apprehension and
    "what is going to happen next " the population must be having. Are children afraid? Most definitely world wide prayer is carrying you personally- as well as God's people in your beautiful island. .

  7. The volcano has been very active! So unnerving! My heart goes out to all of you on La Palma and the effects its having on you. May God bless you all and keep you safe
    Thank you for your most humbling update on the volcano, Ben. Stay safe. 🍂🦋🍁

  8. Thanks again for your coverage of this. You are doing an excellent job.
    Look at your pictures of the white cloud over the volcano. Then look up ‘pyrocumulus cloud’ on the net. That is what was going on I believe. The heat from the volcano makes it’s own weather. We see those out here in the western US when wildfires do the same trick.

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