Alfa Montreal engine repairs Part 5.5, tune up and test drive

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The main purpose of this job was addressing a leaking head gasket on the right hand cylinder bank.While we had them off already, we stripped both heads down, replaced the valve stem seals, checked dimensions and clearances and found some nasty surprises, too.
We also addressed some oil leaks and a worn out bearing on the head side drive pulley to the Spica pump.
It will certainly not cure the well worn engine, but it was quite important to get a picture of the overall condition and we could make some improvement here and there. At least it runs now smoother with better oil pressure, perhaps enough life time left to save up the money for the big job.
There are still some smaller jobs on his list, e.g cam chains, oil pump inspection and tensioner springs but we were running out of time and also had no new chains on hand (the old ones are pretty long already)
As mentioned in the video, this is by no means an engine overhaul, nor is it an instructional video, it just shows how we do it which is not necessarily "the right way" for someone else.
It addressed the initial problem, so target achieved at reasonable cost and considering the yearly mileage it should buy him another 2 or 3 seasons.
Apart from that, we also machined a better idle adjuster bolt and currently designing an electronic solution to replace the thermostatic idle/mixture control unit which is an ongoing (and expensive to fix) problem with Montreals and also fuel injected Alfa Spiders with the Spica system.

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